Friday, February 10, 2006


Yeah, that is the first thing that is coming to mind. OUCH!!! I don't feel good at all. I woke up this morning with abdominal pain as I felt it move around freely. The pressure and pain move up to my chest as I was washing my face and I almost fainted. So I dragged myself back to bed with breathing difficulties as the pain got worse. I slept the whole day pretty much. When I finally woke up, I was feeling a little better but now as I type this, I'm feeling seriously feverish. I think if I don't feel better by tomorrow. I'm heading to the doctor's.

Lovely, intro, huh? :D Here I am though after reading the comments I'd have to say, this is excellent. I love what's happening. Thanks for your comments... This is what I'd have to say...

If you read the comments you'd see Tarek's comment. Now, this is an perfect example of what is happening in our community and I'm sure similar things are happening worldwide... People cannot agree with each other, even when it comes to their same faith. I'm sure that this happens to all religions. It's a human nature not to agree with everything.

When it comes to Amr Khaled, I believe that he is the answer to Muslims who have lost their way... He comes with new ideas that suits our currents needs but not everybody believes the new ideas are good because they rather stick to the old fashioned way... I got news to these people... These ideas aren't new. They are as old as the days of our Prophet (PBUH) hence they are loved by many. Muslims have lost their way, and that's why we're not achieving the glory we had back then. Amr Khaled is trying to lead people to go back the original way but in a modern fashion. I think it's great... He admits that he's not a scholar... He is a religious man who just loves his religion and just wants to share his love with people so he can create a better community. The truth is people don't accept the fact that we need to change ourselves to change everything else. Meaning, if you want to love life and accept other, you got to change the way of thinking in order to see everything differently... It's a basic NLP rule. I just took a diploma in NLP so, I'm all about that. hehehe... Anyways, so this is what Amr Khaled is trying to do and this is why some Muslims attack him and wish him harm and some wish him all the best.

I'll say this, I won't be up here doing what I'm doing right now, trying to create peace if it wasn't for him. He has touched me in ways that is beyond the describable.

ok, now that is out of the way, I want to make something clear to fellow brother and sisters following other faiths...

We all are human created by The Creator hence we all have the same human nature. We love to disagree. I never claimed that only Muslims face problems that I talk about. I never claimed people in the US is becoming more secular. Religion is in everybody's mind. I won't say heart because I don't really believe that. As VassilyJung commented that some people take religion as a traditional thing. I totally agree with that. Hence it's in the head not in the heart.

As for Fernando and all those who feel the same as he, can you stop for a min and think without being aggressive? What's the point? I understand your belief system and I respect it, hence I'm not aggressive with you. Is it hard to be civil about other ideologies that fills this sacred earth?

Once again I say, that Amr Khaled is not asking for a special treatment. He's asking for a fair treatment. He just wants to make it clear that Islam is not what the west views it. I'm sure there are other people from the west who would love to do the same for their faith if it's being seriously misunderstood. He wants people to respect everybody including Muslims themselves. Is that hard to comprehend? It saddens me that you don't want to see the peaceful positive message to all humanity. It's not about Islam being accepted or not. Just accept that people practice it for humanity's sake. It's not even a culture thing. There are millions of Western Muslims, don't they have rights as well to practice their faith in the most civil way in their own western countries? Don't they have the right to be accepted as Western citizens? It's not about culture it's about choice.

We humans make choices and to make this a better place for humanity we need to accept each other's existence and respect each other. Then we can truly live free. The world isn't black or white. It's the most colorful thing so why not enjoy all the colored instead of limiting ourselves to enjoy them by refusing their existence?

Peace to all...

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