Thursday, July 28, 2005

Shanti got laid finally.

In one of my older posts I mentioned something about cat prostitution. Well, my dad took part in that and actually hired a cat gigalo for my baby when she was one heat a couple of weeks ago. This is what my dad had to say in his email about the experience.

"After I talked with you, mom saw the cat screeming and restless then decided to accept having the male brought over.
Unfortunately I dont have a camera, to record the wedding ( lol) your cat was stronger than I thought, she is not allowing him to eaven approach her, we locked them up in the interance, with gusts bathroom, and put some foof and water and a littre box. he ate and drank but didnt allow her to drink, shes bakh bakh and he so far he is unable to do anything to her.
it was such an experience for me and ur mom. wish we had the Camera, Naseem
will bring his Camera tomorow, hope we can take some souvenir shots ( lol)"

and then he wrote in another email

"Shanti is unbelivably strong , you remember how was that Tomcat strong?she beat him hard and hurt him, but he was aggresive and brave he fought so hard and never gave up. The pets shop man told me this a super tom cat thatcan mate any female in less than a day, any how your mom said it is too muchto keep 2 cats in the house, they mated at least 5 times, and we had vediofilms im sending with ur mom. here is some pictures extracted from thevedio, I used Sara's Camera, though its not a very good quality the male stayed in our house all weekend, and i was afraid to keep him longer he started to have darreah , and I was not sure he dosnt have bugs or flees on him."

Here are some of the pics that were taken (The quality isn't great because they were taken from a video my dad recorded. Yes, he actually video taped it and I have the full length feature with the SFX and music. I haven't seen it yet. Please do enjoy the Feline Porn. :P

As Shanti sits in the bathroom, the cat gigalo stands there trying to figure out how can he woo her. She looks totally not interested.

Things get a little heated and Shanti is totally fighting off the gigalo. And so the battle begins.

After a heated battle obviously the gigalo got his way with Shanti. She looks satisfied. Well, we have been told that the gigalo actually got 12 cats pregnant. So he's experienced and knows what he's doing. Kudos to the feline gigalo.

According to my dad, Shanti, might be pregnant and I'm sincerely looking forward to that. If she is, she'll probably give birth around the time I'll be back in the UAE. Awww, I'm going to be a grandmother once again. hehehe...

My first Tag, (Oh JOY!!)

I got tagged by Omar with this *sigh*. I should've kept my mouth shut. Here goes anyways.

1- What does Love mean to you?
Hmmm, it depends on what kind of love but I'll generalize it and say, that love means a lot to me. It brings peace to my mind and soul.

2- What does Marriage mean to you?
The most sincerest commitment with your soul mate. ( I know. I'm way too romantic as some people say.)

3- Do you believe in love at first sight?
I don't believe in that. I think it's a stupid concept. Attraction at first sight, that's a totally different story.

4- How many children would you like?
I used to want 5 but after staying with my uncle's wife and her 5 kids for a few weeks I seriously changed my mind. I think 3 would be more than enough. With 5 I think I'll go kookoo.

5-If given the opportunity, what song would you sing for me on my wedding day?
By your Side: Sade ( I believe this is one of the most beautiful songs written and perfect for a wedding.

6- What is your favorite holiday destination?
Hmmmm, I'd say either the mountains of Switzerland or the Islands in South East Asia, specifically Langkawi, Malaysia since I know the place pretty well. :D

7-What are three qualities you would look for in a man?
1, Sincerity (how typical)
2, Great self education
3, Passionate ambition

8- What are the three qualities and three bad habits that your think your wife should/shouldn't have?
Uhmmm... I'm not really looking for a wife at the moment. Once I do, I'll let you guys know.

9-Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Probably, in some production company doing some music and audio work unless I become a mommy then I'd be a home maker as I work from home with my music.

I tag Mira.. You're next sweetness. :P

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Marty Tankleff's Story in Brief

A while ago, I got to see Marty's story on "48 Hours Mysteries" on MBC 4 I was seriously touched by it. I felt so bad that I cried. I've always been active in activism for justice. I've volunteered to do work in Palestinian refugee camps and I've took stand in demos in the US and so on. I decided to take a more personal favor to somebody... This is his story. I hope you can help me spread his story around and maybe spread the love around. I've already contacted Marty. He's a real nice guy and hopefully I was able to help him in one way or anything.

On the morning of September 7th, 1988, Marty Tankleff woke up in his family's large waterfront home on Long Island, New York, to what should have been the first day of his senior year in high school. Instead he discovered his parents brutally stabbed and bludgeoned, his mother--Arlene Tankleff--dead, his father--Seymour Tankleff--unconscious but alive. Marty called 911 and, following the operator's instructions, gave first-aid to his father.

When the police came, Marty immediately told them who the likely suspect was: Jerry Steuerman, his father's business partner in a chain of bagel stores, who owed his father over half a million dollars, had threatened his parents earlier in the summer, and was the last guest to leave a poker game in the Tankleff home the night before. A week after the attacks, as Marty's father lay unconscious in the hospital, Steuerman faked his own death, changed his appearance, took on an alias and fled to California. Yet, to this day, he has never been considered a suspect by Suffolk County authorities.

[Jerry Steuerman]

Despite Steuerman's motive and opportunity, and the fact that not one shred of physical evidence linked Marty to the crime, Detective James McCready took the traumatized teenager to the police station and began a hostile interrogation of Marty that lasted for hours. It was no match. Marty had been brought up to trust the police and the word of his father, so when Detective McCready faked a phone call and lied that Marty's father had come to and identified Marty as the killer, Marty was led to wonder if he could have blacked out. Then McCready finally read Marty his rights and started drafting a "confession," which was interrupted by the Tankleff's family lawyer as soon as he discovered Marty was in custody and being interrogated. The "confession" was unsigned and immediately recanted by Marty.

[Detective James McCready]

At the time of the murders and Marty's "confession," the Suffolk County police department and district attorney's office were growing notorious for their extraordinarily high confession rate compared to other counties. From Newsday reports in the mid-80's--including a multi-part series titled "The Confession Takers" and headlines like "Three Murders, One Confession"--the impression one got was that taking confessions took up most of their knowledge base, with the forensic lab in disrepair, and so forth. It got so bad that a Suffolk County judge named Stuart Namm--subsequently nicknamed "The Serpico of Judges"--got Governor Mario Cuomo to order the State Investigation Commission to hold hearings on the police department and DA's office. The Commission's Report painted a scathing portrait of corruption and wrongdoing. Among its findings was that Detective McCready, who wrote Marty's "confession," had perjured himself in a previous murder case.
In 1990, long before DNA testing would suggest that some 25% of wrongful convictions are based on false or coerced confessions, Marty's "confession" was enough for the jury to convict him. Marty was sentenced to 50 years to life and will not be eligible for parole until 2040, when he'll be 69 years old.
To this day, two dozen of Marty's relatives, including the sisters and brother of the victims, have proclaimed Marty's innocence, with one exception: Marty's half-sister Shari, who supported Marty at first but later stated she believed he was guilty. According to the will, Marty would have inherited the bulk of the multimillion dollar estate, but Shari ended up receiving about one-third, more than the stipend she would have received from the trust. (Marty received one-third, which was spent on legal fees, and one-third went to a trust at Hofstra University.)

New Evidence

From the day he went into prison, Marty began doing everything to prove his innocence and reclaim his freedom. On homemade stationery quoting Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. ("Injustice found anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere") he wrote thousands of letters to anyone and everyone who could possibly help him.

[Marty Tankleff, 2004]

In 2001, Marty convinced Jay Salpeter, a former New York City homicide detective and now a private investigator on Long Island, to join his team.
As the investigator looked into the case, everything led back to Seymour Tankleff's business partner. It turns out that more than bagels were being sold out of the bagel stores. The business partner's son--Todd Steuerman--sold cocaine out of the stores, and his enforcer/collector was a guy named Joey "Guns" Creedon. Over the years, Creedon has bragged to many people about being involved in the Tankleff murders.

[Joey "Guns" Creedon]

The investigator looked through Creedon's arrest records, and learned that he had once been caught trying to burglarize one of the bagel stores. Creedon's accomplice was a man named Glenn Harris. Salpeter tracked down Harris, who was in jail on another matter, and got the sense that Harris wanted to get something off his chest.

Harris told the investigator that on September 7, 1988, he was the getaway driver for what he thought at the time was a burglary of a home on Long Island. He said he drove Creedon and another man to the home and watched them go around to the back of the house as he waited in the car. Twenty or so minutes later, they "came running to the car" and were "nervous" and "winded" and told Harris to get them out of there. Later Harris saw one of them burning his clothes. When he heard the radio reports about the crime, Harris knew that something more than a burglary had taken place.

Based on this new evidence, Marty's lawyers filed a motion for a new trial and a Suffolk County judge ordered an evidentiary hearing, which lasted seven months, ending in March, 2005. Based on extensive coverage in the New York Times, Newsday and on "48 Hours," several new witnesses have come forward corroborating the getaway driver's version of events. Among the new evidence revealed at the hearing was eyewitness testimony that Detective McCready, contrary to his sworn testimony at the original trial, and Jerry Steuerman were acquaintances prior to the Tankleff murders.

But the district attorney's office has used every tactic at its disposal, including witness intimidation, to discredit the new evidence and protect the conviction. Many of the powers that be are holdovers from that Suffolk County law enforcement era of the 80's that Marty dealt with the first time around. The judge who presided over the original trial and sentenced Marty is now the Suffolk County Sheriff. The assistant district attorney who prosecuted him is now head of the homicide division.

And Thomas Spota is now the Suffolk County district attorney. Back in the 80's, when the State Commission was investigating Suffolk law enforcement, Spota represented the police and detectives, including Detective McCready, who was found to have perjured himself in a previous murder trial. Later, in the early 90's, Spota successfully defended McCready on charges of viciously beating a man outside a bar.

[Detective McCready and his lawyer Thomas Spota following McCready's acquital on assault charges.]

And that's not all. Spota's law partner (it's not clearly documented whether they were current or former partners, or whether they were sharing office space at the time) had represented Seymour Tankleff's business partner, Jerry Steuerman, in the late 80's, and Spota's firm had represented Jerry Steuerman's son Todd in the early 80's for selling cocaine out of his father's bagel store, to which he pled guilty. And, while we're at it, another of Spota's partners in his small firm was the first ADA on the Tankleff case. Despite these conflicts, Spota has refused to recuse himself, and Suffolk County Judge Stephen Braslow has ruled against the defense's motion for a special prosecutor.

Closing arguments are now being submitted in written briefs, and Judge Braslow is expected to rule this summer on whether a jury, having heard all of the new evidence, would likely reach a different verdict than at the original trial.

There are three possible outcomes of the ruling: 1) Marty's conviction would be vacated and he would be set free, 2) Marty would be granted a new trial or 3) Marty's motion would be denied and he would be shipped back upstate to the Great Meadow maximum security prison in Comstock, New York.

Marty's family and supporters are both optimistic, because of the abundance of new evidence, and pessimistic, because they've been disappointed so many times over the past 17 years. "After all," they say, "it's Suffolk County."

For more information:

What is the weight about??

My weight has been an on going struggle for as long as I can remember. I'd lose it all, and then I'd gain it all back again because of the hideous lifestyle change. Lack of stability has been getting to me for the longest time and now, it's killing me. Anyways, back with my weight issue. Even though I gained 20 kilos in the past couple of years, I've lost something on the lines of 5 kilos ever since I came to Syria. I find that quite good since I'm on a diet and I've been seriously walking all over the place.

With that said, done and still on the go people are still giving me a hard time. I have no idea why? ok, yes, I do agree I need to lose the weight hence I'm on the stupid diet and trying to walk as much as possible. People don’t see that and don't want to freakin hear about it. They see me and they're like "ohhhhh you've gained weight" "Ohhh it's not good for your health." "Ohhhh your size is large now" "Oooooh, you need to lose weight" "Ohhh, you're ass is huge now" etc etc etc... I heard it all. It's driving me crazy. I try to tell, them," People, I know and I'm doing something about it. I've already lost weight and I'm still on the go of losing some more." I have no idea what exactly do they hear when I say that. It's like instead, they hear that I'm gorge a Black Forest with one hand and a hamburger with another hand as I drink a chocolate milkshake in front of me, 6 meals a day, every day... Then they'd say, "no but you need to lose weight." HELLO DAMN IT!!!!! DID YOU HEAR WHAT THE HELL I JUST SAID?!?!?!?!

There's that, then there are people who try to say that I know jack crap and they know it all. They tell me that my way will end up as failure and I need to become a marathon runner in order to lose the weight because it worked for them. What part that I already lost 5 kilos and I'm still losing weight, they didn't get? What part of that I know how my body works and that once upon a time, I made myself lose 20 kilos in a couple of years on my own??? Why do people need to butt in other people's business that they have nothing to do with?

I've heard it all and I'm working on it and I'm losing the freakin weight, just leave me the hell ALONE!!!! Even for people who are aren't saying anything about my weight directly they have to say something about my diet. "Who on earth diets in summer when all the fun and joy happens???" I’m thinking, why should food be a joyful activity? Food is there as a necessity not to have fun with it. It's like I'm not allowed to live a healthy life style and still I'll never hear the end of it when I don't. What the hell do I need to do to keep these people away? Isolate myself? It's so hard to ignore because people throw comments left and right without thinking. I just wish I can be selectively deaf.

Another thing that seriously gets to me as well is my uncle's wife. She keeps telling me, you are beautiful but you need to lose weight because the mothers won't look at you. I'm like why do mothers need to look at me anyways. Well, that's a whole different story. I'll post on another post later on. I refuse to use that as an inspiration to lose weight. I want to lose the weight for me, to feel healthier, to feel good about the way I look, to feel good at the accomplishment I've done.

Now, I've taken a new step in losing weight. I've gone to a nutritionist because I'd like to lose more weight in healthy way without killing myself and to keep me grounded and not ahead of myself. I'm determined to lose the 25 kilos the proper way for the proper reasons. So wish me luck...

What kind of a blogger am I??

Well, my friend Firas actually told me about this test and I thought it's quite interesting... I'm not too sure if everybody will agree with the results but I sure do like it. Hehehehe...

You Are a Snarky Blogger!

You've got a razor sharp wit that bloggers are secretly scared of.
And that's why they read your posts as often as they can!

It's been a serious long while....

If anybody was wondering where have I been, and why I'm not blogging it's because I really haven't been getting a chance to actually sit with my material and post them since I don't even go regularly to the internet cafe to use the internet.

Soon though I'll put the post that I've been wanting to post but for now, I'll just put the ones without the pics... I hope somebody actually enjoy my silly posts. :D


Thursday, July 07, 2005

The English I speak.

Inspired by highlander I find it quite interesting. I never really knew what kind of English do I speak but here it is. :D

Your Linguistic Profile:

60% General American English

25% Yankee

10% Dixie

5% Upper Midwestern

0% Midwestern

What is it all about?

One of the most dreadful days to me and million of others is September 11th. My life dramatically changed since then. At first the change was so hard but once I got used to it, I realized who are my true friends and I opened up more to people and it was a lot easier. Then the change became the best thing that ever happened to me. When I grasped the new me and was enjoying it Sept. 11th came again to haunt me and change my life all over again. I was denied to go back to the US back in June of 2002 and my life was wrecked and still am trying to put it back on track.

The other day, I came across this interesting flash. I'm not too sure how to feel about it. It disgusts me because lives were wrecked for something I totally believe is a lie. So these people can gain more power, money and other benefits. Some might think it's a conspiracy theory but honestly, I do believe NOTHING in politics seems the way it is. It's all bullcrap. This world is filled corruption and nothing is simple and pure anymore. Nothing is ideal, all the Arab governments is filled with crap and are just kissing the enemies' asses so the people on top won't lose their power. They abide with corruption and the people end up fleeing to other countries where they either lose themselves or the sense of passion to their own land. Who are the victims? Us, people who are trying to live our lives and survive.

Anyways, here's the flash, hope you enjoy...