Tuesday, May 31, 2005


After suffering a minor heart attack because of the state of my new designed blog my savior came to my rescue and saved the day and I'm smiling again.

Can you guys guess who it was??? Some of you already know who it is so please don't participate in the competition. Smile Mira and Ghalia, you guys know along of course with the savior. Lol Whoever guesses it correctly, I'll design a new template for them. Tongue Out

May the best man/woman wins....

ok ok ok... You know this is all BS... Hahaha... If you still want to guess go right ahead.


I've just change the look of my blog but honestly this is the first time to work with html this way.. So yes, there are errors some things that I'm not too happy about... I need HELP!! I screwed up bigtime. I lost all my comments. :( I don't knwo what to do here. I'm panicing now.


Sunday, May 29, 2005

The Cheapest Way to Copyright your Intellectual Material.

For the longest time, I've been wanting to copyright my music and finally I got around to do it the cheapest way... Yeah, it is publish online already and I got proof it's mine but I still want to be on the safe side.

For all those who are interested how to copyright your Intellectual Material the cheapest way possible, follow these steps and after mailing it to yourself, it's copyrighted.

1) Put all the material on a CD..

2) Write down the content

3) Write your statement

4) Put everything together

5) Seal it and make sure it's wrapped safely so it wouldn't break.

6) Put it all in an envelop addressed to yourself.

Finally, mail it to yourself. Congrats, your material is copyrighted. Thumbs Up


For the past couple days I've been seriously irritated. Small things have been seriously getting to me. I have no idea why am I being so hyper sensitive. I won't babble about what bothered in the past couple of days because it's probably stupid anyways but I'll say what's bothering me at the momoent:

I went on Amr's blog few mins ago and I saw all sorts of pics of places in Syria that I didn't even know that existed. It made me feel soo ashamed that I'm Syrian but don't know as much as I would love to know about my own country. Yeah it's true I never grew up there and I've been there only in summers usually and everybody in the family is too lazy to do anything so we end up staying in Damascus when I am in Syria. Even Damascus, I don't know it well enough, but at least I know it better than other places in Syria. When I was there last winter, somebody showed me around old Damascus. It was an amazing experience. The company was great, the weather was freezing but I loved it, the place was great. I'm in love with Old Damascus.

But back to the original subject... Although I'm Syrian, born in Syria with a Syrian passport I don't feel that I am. I grew up in the UAE. I feel this place makes you loose your identity because it doesn't even have one. I guess it doesn't really help that I also lived in the US for 5 years and then Malaysia for 2.

I feel I need to learn more about Syria not by reading and looking at pics. I want to be there and just let it be a bigger part of me. I love Syria with all my heart and I do defend it with all I can. I just need to know her better.

Maybe I might as well, get a job there... I might actually if one project of mine actually takes off in Syria. Inshallah it will.

Pray for me, ya Sinan. You might be my only hope. :P

Viva La Syria
Custom Smiley
Viva La Syria
Custom Smiley

Wednesday, May 25, 2005


I've been blogging for a a few months now. I've got to know interesting people by doing that. I remember when I first started. Only one person used to read my blog and that was Bytedodger and now I look at it, there is a lot more. The it grew to Bryan and Fatima. Bytedodeger introduced me to a great Syrian blog by Ayman and from there it all took off...

This is what I find very interesting. There are 2 girls that I got to know outside the blogging world (Juwaireyah and Nuralhuda). I got to meet them at the Sami Yusuf forum... One day I find out that these 2 girls have blogs. I never really paied attention to the other blogs they had on their site until one of them ask me if I heard of a blogger named Eman. I've also seen her around at Sinan's blog and I thought to myself what a coinsidence. Then I was checking Juwaireyah's blog and I saw Nurhan's blog. I said to myself that name looks familiar, I know I've seen here. Then again as it turns to be agaibst I see her on Sinan's blog.

I was thinking, that it's a small word after all... There are more that are connected into this via blogging, like Ghalia and Dina

I find all this pretty Ironic. :D Personally I'd say Sob7an Allah. I love these small stuff like that. :D

I really should create a link area to put blogs of other people. When I figure it all out, I'll do that... Anybody wants to help out?? :D I'll be greatful.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Gifts to Syria

As I was checking my email like I normally do, I go this really interesting email... I never knew they had this service is Syria... I guess, it'll be easier to send gifts now. :D All I need now is a credit card. :P

A great website for sending a variety of gifts to loved ones in Syria.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

The Pics of Sami Yusuf Concert.

here I am posting the pics of the show. I won't post all at once.. I want to keep the suspense going. More fun that way. :D

The whole stage (almost) you can see most of the band with Brother Sami on the piano.

Brother Sami getting ready to sing.
That's it for now be tuned to join me tomorrow or the next day for more pics. :)

Sami Yusuf Concert

As you guys know, on May 18th I was at the Sami Yusuf concert. Well, here is a report about what went on.

The show was late because of some technical difficulties and the soundcheck was started later. That's why the show itself was late to start. It was delayed for an hour.

The performance the sound surprisingly was great since it was in a very small tent. I was suppose to be on the 1st row but since the organizers were totally unorganized we got pushed all the way to 5th row. I was close to the stage enough... I took MANY pics but only little a clear. It's ok though, they're cool.

Before Sami Yusuf got on stage, his full orchestral band from Egypt, all dressed in black, played a musical piece to warm the audience up. Then when Sami Yusuf dressed in a grey suite and a white button down shirt, got stage the audience went wild. He looked to be happy to be there. He started singing Meditation. After that he got into Al Mu3allim. Of course the crowd went even more wild. To be honest, I don't really remember the order of songs he sang later.

It seems his new album is all about terrorism and nationalism. The first song he sang was the one that a lot of us got to hear. It's about what happened in Chechnya, when over 200 non-Muslim children were killed by "so-called Muslims" guerrillas. Then of course the second song from the album was about Palestine. Then he sang another song that is originally from his origin Azberijan. It was another song about Palestine. It was sooo beautiful. I personally thought it was the best from his new songs, I've heard. The lyrics were both in English and Azeri. The lyrics were like as if you're talking about a loved one. It's soo gorgeous. I teared on that song. Of course he played a beautiful rendition of Tala3a al bardu 3aleyna on his electric violin. He's really good at playing that. He played with such passion and the sound of the violin was beyond beautiful. It was totally moving.

One thing I didn't like though is that I felt that Sami Yusuf was trying to get people to enjoy themselves by clapping singing and just taking part of the show. He wanted to fill the whole place with love and unity but I didn't feel the audience really participated as much as he would've liked. He mentioned that the show was not about Sami Yusuf but it was about the celebration of Allah. You know what's funny though? I was really into the show, I was singing out loud and my hands were high up clapping, swaying and just really moving with the music. Then I noticed something very cute at the beginning of the show before people got into the show. I got into it as soon as Sami Yusuf started singing without realizing, me and Sami Yusuf were doing the same hand gestures, he looked directly in my direction and just smiled. OK, at first, I was thinking, it must be coincidence that he looked at me and smiled but then later my friend who was sitting right next to me noticed it too. So I realized that it wasn't a coincidence. He did smile at my gesturing.

I just remembered people were ready to go dance on 2 songs. Hehehe.. Allahu and Ya Mustafa. The people behind me were ready to crack me up from laughter because it seems that they're in a wedding. Hehehe. It was great. Towards the end people didn't have enough so they wanted an encore. As the audience requested he sang al Mu3alim and Ya Mustafa again then he left.

After the show I waited and waited with my friend until he came out. The security didn't say much to us since we were waiting a little far from the area he was coming from. So he came out met a bunch of us, gave autographs and photographs. I actually too a pic with him but honestly, I look horrible in it. Hehehehe. I really don't want to share it. Hehehe. I'll share the other pics. I didn't ask for an autograph because I don't think it's cool for a girl my age to ask for one. Hehehe...

I mentioned my lovely experience of meeting a relative of mine that I never knew she existed and you guys shoud've seen the look on his face. He was surprised and very happy to hear this. He was in a hurry though because his father was waiting for him.

The photos should be in my next post. I'll post them later...

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

My Family of Cats...

The family started with with Shanti (Cream) and Strom (Calico) in November of 2002 in Malaysia.

Then in March, I saved 3 kittens from being thrown to the streets. (from left to right) Zora, Chimp and Hook

So now they've grown to be the happy 5 kitties under my care in Malaysia. I can't believe that all 5 cuddled that day. Hehehe...

All grown up now. 2 of the younger cats decided to extend the family. So I got 3 more kittens.

(from top to bottem) Cali, Zoro, Beauty

From the whole family Shanti is the only one left with me. Here she is on my desk in the UAE. Yup, I got her all the way from Malaysia.

Events on the same day

I find it quite interesting that I know of 3 different events happening on the same day in 3 different countries...

Date: Wednesday, May 18th, 2005

1, Sami Yusuf concert in UAE
2, Syrian Bloggers' meeting in Syria
3, My Uncle's birthday either Qatar or Philippines. (I have no idea where he'll be at that time)

I personally will be at the Sami Yusuf concert...

Where will you be???

Monday, May 16, 2005

Cat Prostitution

Just like me, baby girl is getting older and she still hasn't met the right guy to mate with and actually have babies. Yesterday, my dad, me and my cousin were searching to get a male cat to keep her company and all that. She's never been alone in her life. When I was living in Malaysia I used to have 8 cats in one apartment. Yup, 8 cats.

We went to different pet stores and man, each cat's condition is worse than the other. I need to get some sort of Animal right organization involved. I mean seriously, it's sooo sad. I can't believe that anybody would want to buy these sickly cats. :( Then again that's a totally different story...

Finally we go to one pet store that happens to be right next to where I live. I've never been to that place because I was under the impression they only sold fish since the place was called Oasis fish, or fish Oasis or fish tank. I can't remember but something on those lines. So we walk in and to my surprised there were dogs all over the place and they were lose. I have no fear of dogs but I just didn't want one licking me all over. Anyways, we walk in and as soon as we walk in and go upstairs where the cats are. My dad was ahead of me and my cousin behind me. I still haven't reached the top this HUGE cat started climbing on me... I was surprised, it did want to let go of me. So I was carrying it around. He was one heavy cat. If I'd try to let him down he's dig his nails into me refusing to go down. If I force him, he'll get all pissed off. Hahaha...

I saw the cutest kittens over there. They had red Tabbies, a black Persian, 3-4 Himalayan and a couple of some mixed breed. They were about 2 months old and boy, they are just adorable. My dad wanted to get the black Persian and I personally wanted to get the Himalayan. Anyways, I find out that the big huge cat that didn't want to let go of me is actually not for sale but for rent. I was thinking, "RENT!?!?!?" What kind of pet store is that??? Hehehe.. Then the owner of the store was talking about how he got 12 cats pregnant. I was thinking, dude, this cat has been around. Wow, he's a cat gigalo. Hahahahaha...

I'm thinking of getting that cat because I'm not going to wait month till the poor little thing grows up to get some action... I'll get some ready cat and so I can have little rascals of my own. I'll be a grandmother once again. Hehehehe...

Sunday, May 15, 2005

I'm back..

After being away for a long while, I'm actually back. It's all thanks to my fans. Hehehe... I owe them to come back and talk about what's going on in my life. So hereI am...

Well, many things have been happening. I'm undergoing a wonderful change in my change cycle... They say that every 7 years you seriously change. I don't know how true that is but I can tell you that I'm totally not the same person I was 3-4 years ago. My mad behavior has toned down a lot and I guess, I've become more focused in what I want to do with my life. Hell, I'm turning 27 in November, I better get it right this time. Hahaha.

Funny thing is that I'm giving up on searching for a job really. I'm not really comfortable with the idea for some odd reason. I guess, it's because I don't actually have a BA. All I have is a diploma that I'm totally not satisfied with. I want more. I want at least a BA. So I might be going back to college for just a year and I'll get my lovely BA. YAY!!! It's all in the thinking stage at the moment. We'll see how it goes.

What else is new? Hmmm... Yeah, I've been gaining weight like it's nobody's business. Hahaha... Actually it's not funny at all. I want to lose it but I don't feel like exercising nor dieting. Hmmm.. Yup, I'm going to lose weight all right. Arrrrrrrrrghhh.. I lost weight twice before, I'm sure I can do it for a 3rd time but this time keep it off.

Well, I guess this is it for now... I should be writing more now that I know that I actually have a following. :D Thanks, guys...