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A Glimpse at Prophet Muhammsd's Life (Part 2)

Some of The Prophet's teachings are as follows :

1- When he and his fellow Muslims were tortured by the non-believers in Mecca, people asked him to curse non-believers and to ask God to punish them back, but he said: "I was not sent to curse people, but I was sent as a mercy".

2- He wants people to use their heads and take responsibility of their own choices and actions, so when asked about specific private matters he replied:"You people are more knowledgeable in matters of your own lives and business than myself. But when I speak about religion, take my words".

3- In his repeated encouragement of seeking knowledge, he said: "Get knowledge, for it is your way to get closer to God. Teaching the ignorant has the award of charity. Knowledge puts its owner in the high place of honor, and it is a great complement for its holder". He also said: "Seeking knowledge is an obligation on each Muslim". He also said: "Teachers and students are partners in reward". He also said: "The knowledgeable is better than the worshiper, as much as the space is between 70 steps, each two steps are as far as the sky and earth apart." He also said: "On the day of judgment, the ink of the educated will be balanced with the blood of martyrs. The ink will weigh more".

4- During battle, he was the closest to the enemy, and his fellow Muslims said that in times of fierce war, we would find ourselves sometimes taking shelter in the Prophet, for he was always the first on the front line. We would consider ourselves brave if we stayed in line with him during battle confrontation.

5- Whenever he was given two things to choose between, he would choose the easiest, unless it was wrong, for he was the farthest from choosing evil.

6- He always kept his promises and always paid back his debts, and gave a bit more.

7- Anas, the Prophet's servant said: The Prophet was the kindest among men, the most generous, and the most courageous.

8- Anas said: I waited on the prophet for 10 years, and he never ever snapped at me or blamed me for doing or not doing something.

9- Anas said: Once a man came to the Prophet and asked him for many sheep that the Prophet had just gained, and he gave it him immediately. The man went back to his people saying: Oh people, come to Islam, for by God, Muhammad gives like he has no fear of ever being poor.

10- When it came to children, he was the most gentle and funny. They used to ride on his back as he bowed in prayer, and he waited for them to come down before moving.

11- When it came to women, he was nice and respectful. He said: "From all what is in this life, women and perfume have been brought to me as the most respectfully lovable, and prayer is the apple of my eye". He also said: "Women are siblings to men". He also said: "Treat women good, for they are your supporters". Before deciding to spend the night in prayer, he would ask for his wife's permission. He used to amuse his wives, For example, he carried his wife Aisha to enable her get a good view of some Sudanese Acrobat players. He used to race with her, joke with her, and he gave her a nick name. She used to ask him about his love for her, and he would say: "It's as firm as a knot." Then, she would occasionally ask him: "How is the knot doing?", and he would reply: "As firm as could be".

12- He used to stay up all night in prayer, till his feet get all swollen. Others would ask him to go easy on himself, for God must have forgiven him, but he would say: "Shouldn't I, then, be a grateful slave of Him?"

13- He spoke of God with great love. He would always mention Him and pray for Him. When it rained, he would be out walking happily under the rain saying that: "It has just been with God!"

14- If he had not seen someone for three days, he would ask about him. If he found him traveling he would pray for him to get back safe. If he found him in town and available he would go to him. If he found him sick, he would pay him a short visit.

15- He had very little money, and when he gained something he used to immediately give it away to those in need. This is why when he died he left no money and no will. He experienced many days of hunger. During the days when the non-believers starved him and his family, in an unsuccessful trial to make him abandon Islam, he said: "For about 30 days and nights, Bilal and I had nothing to eat except for what Bilal was able to hide under his armpit".

16- Aisha, his wife, was asked about what he did when he would be at home, and she said: "He would be helping us in the household work, till it is time for prayer, then he would go to pray".

17- When asked to do something, he would either say:"Yes", or he would just be silent. For he never said No.

18- He hated gossip, rumors, and nonsense talk, so he said: "No one speaks bad about anyone else to me".

19- He said: "He who wants God and His Prophet to love him should he say the truth, return things after safekeeping, and never to harm his neighbor".

20- He said : "The best among my people, as God has told me, are those who laugh in public in optimism of Gods mercy, and cry in secret remorse in fear of God's punishment (if they had bad deeds), those who mention God day and night in good houses (mosques), who call upon Him in desire and awe, who always raise and lower their hands asking Him for their needs, who face Him with their hearts time after time, for people care less of them and they care much for their destiny, those who walk barefoot on earth, as ants, without over-merriness or over-luxury, who walk in peace and try to be closer to God, who read the Quran, who present gifts to the poor, and wear their clothes humbly. They have guarding angles sent from God to look after them, they look at people with intelligent all-seeing eyes and they meditate on creation. Their souls are on earth but their hearts are in the afterlife. They have no concern but in what they will meet today. They have equipped themselves for what would be of actual help for them after death. They are prepared to pass and to be judged by God". Then the Prophet recited from the Quran: "For this is for those who fear Me and beware of My Promise".

21- He said : "Seven people shall be shadowed by God on the day of judgment, when there will be no shadow but His, a just leader, a young man (or woman) who grew up in obedience to God's teachings, a man (or woman) with great love of mosques so he never leaves but to be back later, two people in the love of God (who gathered in His love and departed in His love), a man (or woman) mentioned God in secret and his eyes were filled with tears of love and awe of Him, a man seduced by a women with beauty and power and he refused for the sake of God, and a man who gives secretly to the poor, so that his left hand would not know what his right hand has given away".

22- He was so humble to agree to ride a donkey, even when he went to answer the invitation of kings. He asked his followers not to stand up for him when he came in, and he sat wherever available.

23- His facial expressions: His face was always lit up with a peaceful smile, but with little laughter. He walked quickly, as if coming down hill, and always smelled of good musk. He had big black eyes, with thick eyelashes, light complexion with a bit of red cheeks, and thick black hair. He had big hands and strong muscular arms. He was moderate in height, closer to thin with wide shoulders.

A Glimpse at Prophet Muhammad's Life (Part 1)

I want to introduce to you the most important man to me and all the Muslims around the world. It is our Prophet Muhammad, (PBUH)... He is the one all Muslims should follow but unfortunately we have lost our way. This was written by someone who is pretty anonymous

The life of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, is full of so many examples of the person he was. Throughout the 63 years of his life, he did his best to leave a legacy that is rich with a variety of attitudes in situations for us to think of and learn from. Like every other human being, Prophet Muhammad experienced pain and health, poverty and wealth, hunger and nourishment. Among other roles in his life, he was an orphan, a young shepherd, a poor worker, a wealthy merchant, a cherishing husband, a loving father, a caretaking grandfather, a courageous worrier, a brilliant leader, a shrewd judge, a humble worshiper, and a wise teacher. He experienced nearly all what may face a man in a lifetime, and he showed great wisdom in managing almost all life's changes. Even when he made mistakes, he was honest enough to point them out. He knew that he is the educator of all, so he watched every step he took, and his words came filled with much needed lessons of love, peace, and justice for all mankind, not only Muslims.

We call his teachings "Hadith". My favorite one is "All mankind are the children of God, and the dearest to Him are the ones most helpful to His children". Such words show his panoramic vision of the love, respect, and dignity with which we should all treat each other, despite difference in race, color, opinions, and religious beliefs.

I will try to sum up major events in his life and to give some of his teachings, in order to give an idea about the man he was and the life he lived. My goal is to elaborate on the idea that his greatness is not because he is a perfect human being, but rather due to his being a Messenger from God. And that his efforts to spread Islam were in obedience of a heavenly order, not in pursue of wealth, as he actually gained none. He had to work on delivering the word of God, to merely inform of Islam, and then to back off, leaving the choice for whoever wants to join or simply not, in compliance with the Quranic verse: "There is no oppression or compulsion in religious beliefs." This is why he speaks of other religions with absolute respect and cherishment of freedom of choice. He spoke of Jesus Christ, Mary, Moses, Abraham, Isaac, Noah, and all prophets as his respected brothers, as they all call for the worship of one God, and to value his teachings of morality. He completely rejected war and adhered to peaceful measures, in conformity with the Quranic verse: "If they move towards peace, then you too resort to it". Even when he was driven into war, to defend man's freedom of choice and people's right to know of Islam, he gave instructions not to kill priests in temples, women, children, old people, or any defenseless being, not to chop down trees or burn down houses, or do harm to anybody, but to fight back those with unleashed swords. He did not pursue power, because he taught us that the only human power to be used is in fulfilling the objective behind man's existence on this earth: to perseveringly work as God's humble good-doing "assistant" on earth, that is good-doing to all mankind, to environment, to all creatures. This is the only measure with which God distinguishes the good from the bad, for as the Prophet puts it: "There is no distinction between an Arab or a non-Arab, between white or black, but according to righteousness".

  • He is born in Mecca, in 569, for a noble but rather poor family. His father dies months before his birth. His mother dies when he is 6 years old, and his grandfather takes him in till he dies after 2 years. His uncle takes him in at the age of 8.

  • At the age of 12, he starts traveling with his uncle to help him in his trade. In Syria, he meets Bahira, the Bible-knowledgeable Christian monk, who anticipates that the boy would have a great future in the Arabian Peninsula.

  • The young man works as a shepherd to help his uncle, and becomes known for not getting into troubles of adolescence or participating in the stone worship, as other do.

  • Khadija, His first wife, hears of his honesty and experience in trade, so she hires him, and quickly falls in love with his noble self, and they get married. He is now 25.

  • He grows fond of meditation in the mountains, and at the age of 40, at the solitude of a mountain cave, he is visited by Gabriel, the angel, and is informed that he is the Prophet and should call people to worship god.

  • For 3 years, he calls people to God in secret. About 40 people are Muslims.

  • For 10 years, he calls people to God openly in public. He, his family, and his followers are verbally abused, physically tortured, pressured, threatened, seduced with offers of money and power, and starved for 3 years to abandon Islam. Many are dead, but none surrender or abandon Islam.

  • More than 80 Muslims flee in Hijra (migration) from Mecca to south Sudan, where is Najashi, a Christian king who is known for justice. Non-believers of Mecca pursue Moslems, but Najashi gives Muslims shelter, and later becomes a Muslim himself.
    In 619, his loving wife and respected uncle die. He is alone in face of Mecca's non-believers. He starts going to people outside Mecca to inform of Islam, but mostly faced with rejection. He talks to the pilgrims during the pilgrimage season, and 73 people become Muslims over 2 years.

  • Many Moslems flee in migration to Medina to seek freedom of belief and escape torture and oppression.

  • In 622, he is among the last Muslims to migrate to Medina. Non-believers follow him, but he escapes. Medina receives him with great love.

  • In Medina, he builds a society out of the great variety of people in one area, and the city becomes settled with the documentation of a Constitutional Agreement for organizing the lives of those in Medina society, including Muslims, Jews, and other parties.

  • Non-believers in Mecca take away all left-behind possessions of Muslims, and in 623, he decides to take some of it back by taking a caravan of Mecca goods sent to trade near Medina. The caravan changes direction and takes off, however, Mecca people come to fight him. The first battle in Islam : Bader. Muslims are victorious.

  • In 624, Jews in Medina violate the Agreement, and are therefore driven out.

  • The battle of Ohod. Mecca non-believers gather forces to revenge for Bader. Muslims do not follow battle plan, and are consequently defeated, but with minor losses.

  • In 626, more Jews violate the Agreement, and are driven out.

  • Other battles follow, due to either violation of agreements or assaults on the part of non-believers or Jews.

  • In 628, he travels with 1400 Muslims for pilgrimage to Mecca. Non-believers refuse to let them in, and sign with them a 10-year peace treaty, Hudaibia Pact, in condition of not entering Mecca for 1 year.

  • He marries Safiah, the daughter of a Jew tribe leader, and the relationship with the Jews becomes better.

  • Migrants from south Sudan join Muslims in Medina.

  • He starts sending his messengers (about 10 groups) to Arab tribes around the Arabian Peninsula, and letters to kings of the world to inform them about Islam.

  • In 629, non-believers of Mecca violate the treaty, so he and the Muslims come back to Mecca and enter without resistance. He forgives all his enemies, and many people become Muslims.

  • Settlement of Islam in Mecca. Delegations from Arabian tribes announce becoming Muslims. He sends groups of educated Muslims to teach newly converted people about Islam.

  • In 632, he performs the last pilgrimage. He gives his famous speech, which contains some of his final recommendations. After his pilgrimage he starts feeling ill, and dies in the same year, Aisha's arms.

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Misconception of Shari'a (Part 2)

According to the Shari'a law there is freedom of thought and religion.

1) Every person has the right to freedom of conscience and worship in accordance with his religious beliefs.
2) Every person has the right to express his thoughts and beliefs so long as he remains within the limits prescribed by the law. No one, however, is entitled to disseminate falsehood or to circulate reports which may outrage public decency, or to indulge in slander, innuendo or to cast defamatory aspersions on other persons.
3) Pursuit of knowledge and search after truth is not only a right but a duty if every Muslim.
4) It is the right of every Muslim to protest and strive (within limits set out by the law) against oppression even if it involves challenging the highest authority in state.
5) There should be no bar on the dissemination of information provided it does not endanger the security of the society or the state and is confined within the limits imposed by the law.
6) No one shall hold in contempt or ridicule the religious beliefs of others or incite public hospitality against them; respect for the religious feelings of others is obligatory on all Muslims.

"Say (O Mohammad, it is) the truth form the Lord of you (all). Then whosever will, let him believe, and whosever will, let him disbelieve…"
(Al Qur'an, Al Kahf 18:29)

When it comes to minorities these laws apply,

1) The Qur'anic principle "There is no compulsion in religion" shall govern religious rights of Non-Muslims minorities.
2) In a Muslim Country religious minorities shall have the choice to be governed in respect of their civil and personal matters by Islamic laws or by their own laws.

All the information is taken from a book called Human Rights in Islamic Law by Dr. Ibrahim Abdulla Al-Marzouqi.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Misconception of Shari'a. (Part 1)

I'm posting this post as a reply to Namir… The thing that bothered me wasn't the fact he's against the Islamic law being implemented in certain communities in the UK but rather the idea he has about what the Islamic laws are about and what they represent.

In this post, I'll put in 2 separate postings so you guys wouldn't get too overwhelmed with the reading.

Honestly, if my opinion is important I believe that the Law should stay the same in England but open the option for those who want to be governed in respect of their civil and personal matters by their own law.

Shari'a is Islamic law that invites Human brotherhood far from selfishness and personal interest for the sake of discarding hatred.

It is for the salvation of all mankind in an atmosphere of justice and equality surrounded by divine revelation and noble values within a sphere of ethical legislation that God has set for man.

I do understand why people might think that the laws allow subjugation and sexism. What people need to know is that it's not the Islamic Law that has faults. It's actually the men who are governing these laws. Outdated and awful traditions have heavily influenced these laws and so the actual Shari'a isn't properly followed anymore.

If you were to look at the Shari'a properly you'll find that it's filled with human rights; both for men and women. Islam calls for equality between all humans, doesn't matter what your race is, what your faith is, what your age and even sex.

"O mankind! Behold, We have created you all out of a male and a female, and have made you into nations and tribes, so that you might come to know one another. Verily, the noblest of you in the sight of God is the one who is most deeply conscious of Him. Behold, God is all knowing, all aware"
(Al Qur'an, Al Hujurat 49:13)

Islam gave to mankind an ideal code of human rights 14 centuries ago. These rights aim at conferring honor and dignity on mankind and eliminating exploitation, oppression and injustice.

Human rights in Islam are an integral part of the overall Islamic order and it is obligatory on all Muslims governments and organs of society to implement then in letter and in spirit within the frame work of that order.

It is unfortunate that Human rights are being trampled upon with impunity in many countries of the world, including Muslims countries. Such violations are matter of serious concern and are arousing the conscience of more and more people though out the world.

Here are some human rights in Islam. We'll start with women rights…

1) The wife's right to maintenance is protected by the law that if the husband refrains from fulfilling his obligations, he will lose his marital rights over her. She can sue him before the courts. His failure contributes a considerable reason (in such case that he continues rejecting her right to maintenance) for her to ask for divorce, regardless of whether he is rich or poor.
2) The wife's right to assisted in domestic work, by a home maid or servant, winds important consideration of Muslim jurists. In this concern the circumstances of the wife, in being used to have a servant before her marriage or in case her domestic responsibilities are beyond her scope, constitute additional weight to her right to assistance. It is reported of the Prophet (PBUH) that beside having servants, he used to help his family at home in this connection he says "… the best of you (men) are those who are the best to their wives."
3) According to the mutual rights and duties of spouses towards each other, their personality is considered important. Therefore a woman under Islamic law is not a part of her husband's personality, a fact which entitles her the right to keep her own family name whether she is married of not, that is on the same standing as a man. Accordingly 3 implications are drawn from that principle:

a) The economic and civil rights which entitle a woman the legal competence to have her own property, to invest her wealth and be a party in a business contract.
b) Her right to inherit from her husband
c) Her right to be satisfied sexually by her husband, just as she would satisfy him, that is, each spouse should respond to the sexual desire of the other. According to the law and as a precautionary measure to protect him or her, either should stand in need or be deprived of that natural requirement.

4) A woman's right to education has never been a disputable matter between Muslim Jurists. For instance, the Prophet (PBUH) used to teach women in special sessions. Furthermore, his wife 'A'isha was well known for her knowledge and the Prophet (PBUH) instructed Muslims to learn from her. According to his Hadith of knowledge is compulsory for all Muslims regardless of their sex.

And so on… These were just some of the rights that married women have in Islam.

According to Muslim jurists, a woman has the right to work. With that right she may respond to either her financial necessity or to satisfy the need of the Muslim community for female workers, particularly in education and medical fields.

That is just the gist of woman rights all together, there are a lot more.

To Be continued....

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Another step for peace..

Hello fellow readers, I'm so proud to say that today I was invited to officially be one of the contributers of Bridge the gap in Blogsphere. It all started by an a man from the Netherland named Nico. He was inspired by an email from a fellow Syrian blogger Ayman along with other European bloggers.

The point of the Bridge the Gap in Blogsphere blog as clear as its title... It's there to allow all those who have questions about other cultures to ask it and eliminate fear of the unknown among different cultures, faiths and countries etc...

It's a must for everybody to check out. Feel free to browse the blong and don't forget to ask any questions to any of the volunteers and they'll be more than happy to answer.

Have fun in bridging the gap. :)

Peace to all...

Monday, February 20, 2006

Islamic Ambassadors

One of the problems that both East and West face is the lack of understanding each other and their way of thinking… Muslims are portrayed as savages to the West and Non-Muslims are viewed as devil followers to the East. These ideas lack knowledge and are filled with ignorance and hatred.

There shouldn't be any reason for that. That's why you'll find people from all over the world trying to raise awareness on both sides and sometimes even working together on the same project.

Again, Amr Khaled has proven that he's a man of peace. He's calling out Muslims all over the world to apply for Islamic Ambassadors. He's looking for Muslims that are willing to help bridge the gap that desperately needs to be filled for the sake of humanity.

I honestly, respect Mr. Khaled for his assertive efforts to spread the truth about Islam and create peaceful relations between the East and West.

On his website, there's a link to an application form. There isn't much info, just a flash link that says,

"Do you want to be an Ambassador of Islam?"
"Do you want to be a step in solving the conflict in Denmark?"

You click on the flash window and you'll get the chance to fill the application form.

I believe what Mr. Khaled is doing is very effective for Muslims who are finally breaking the chains of mental captivity. I believe, other than trying to build a better understanding of the East and West, Mr. Khaled has a hidden agenda; a positive one, of course. This is just my own assumption; nothing official. After I read the questions on the application form, it made me do some research and think deeply about what truly Islam is, who truly our Prophet (PBUH) is and think of what is the best way to effectively communicate with people. I think his other purpose is to make Muslims get to know "true" Islam better so they'd be able help others truly understand Islam and know how to be civil Non-Muslims in general. He wants Muslims to work on themselves to be better so they can contribute in bridging the gap.

If you want to know more on Who is Amr Khaled, click here

If you want to know what he has to say about the Danish cartoon situation, click here

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God's Love

My lastest music piece is actually out. Some of you might have already heard it but for those who didn't, no worries it's never too late. :D You can listen to it by clicking here. You can either stream it or download it.

This piece, to me, is the most special not only is it expressing what I feel but it's a message to the whole world who cares about making a difference. I actually cried composing this. That never has happened before. I just hope it'll have the same effect on people that it had on me letting it out of me. Maybe it'll be a good start for people to tolerate each other.

Peace to all...

Thursday, February 16, 2006

NLP Diploma...

A lot have been asking me what is this NLP Diploma that I've obtained. So I decided to just post about it to answer all the questions that has been asked.

First of all, this is my NLP Diploma that I'm so excited about. It is the first step of the program. There are a few more steps but I don't need to go that far. There are these other steps :

Certificationas an NLP Practitioner
Certificationas an NLP Master Practitioner
Certificationas an NLP Trainer
Certificationas an NLP Master Trainer

I'll probably go as far as Master Practitioner, maybe I'd be able to help others and seriously try to make a difference in helping people to be proactive. It's all in the planning right now. People I met at the seminar and I are going on a hiking trip tomorrow and probably get more info from the Doctors there and see what I'd like to do...


by Tad James, M.S., Ph.D., Certified Master NLP Trainer

Copyright © 1985, 1999, 2005 Tad James and Advanced Neuro Dynamics

NLP, or Neuro Linguistic Programming, is the art and science that can be described in a nutshell, as an attitude and a methodology that leaves behind a trail of techniques.

First, the attitude of NLP is one of curiosity and experimentation. Next, the methodology is modeling, which is the process of duplicating excellent behavior. Another person's behavior can be duplicated by studying what that person does inside their head (language, filters, programs, etc.) to produce results. NLP was initially created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder, who began modeling and duplicating the "magical results" of a few top communicators and therapists.

Some of the first people to be studied included Hypnotherapist Milton Erickson, gestalt therapist Fritz Perls and family therapist Virginia Satir. Since then, many others have contributed to the growth and development of the field. And finally, the trail of techniques created through this type of modeling is what is commonly known as NLP. The programs in this catalog describe the many different techniques we teach and use.

Today, NLP is widely used in business to improve management, sales and achievement/performance, inter-personal skills; in education to better understand learning styles, develop rapport with students and parents and to aid in motivation; and of course, NLP is a profound set of tools for personal development.

For more information please click here

What do you guys think?

After emailing people of the another Denmark website... I got this reply that I thought I'd share with you...

Maybe we all can come up with something that'll help restore order. What do you say?

Dear Sara

Thank you so much for your feedback and thoughts about our project

It is really important for us to spread our message and get in contact
with sensible people like you.

if you have som projects i have to hear about in the future my mail is

All the best

Another thing I was thinking about is this site that a friend mentioned to me on here not too long ago...


it's a great site where people get to know people to bridge the gap as they say... I think it'll help all of to realize that this world is a colorful place with different people.

Thanks for the support...

Peace to all...

Monday, February 13, 2006

Let's Just Live Together In Harmony.

A letter from Another Denmark

Dear Muslim citizens in Denmark and the World

I wish to state the existence of another Denmark: a Denmark that wants to live in
peace with the Muslim world. There is another Denmark, which hopes for and believes
in respect and tolerance between religions and different groups of people.
As a Dane I have no responsibility for what a single and privately owned Danish
newspaper chooses to publish. Even so, I strongly condemn the actions of
Jyllands-Posten that have offended muslims around the world, and I understand the
need for an apology from the newspaper.

We all have a responsibility for treating each other, our religious faiths, and
convictions with dignity and respect. By publishing the cartoons, the
newspaper Jyllands-Posten failed their obligation to exercise with care and
consideration the right of freedom of speech.

I condemn all kinds of discrimination, prejudice and racism, whether it is directed
against Muslims, Jews, Christians or other groups in a society. Therefore, I reject
the hostile and prejudicial way of speaking that has marked several Danish political
parties and media within recent years.

I want to make a request to all parties involved, that opinions and protests may be
conducted in a respectful and peaceful manner. Attacks on and threats against
individuals and assets only make the situation worse for all of us.

I believe in a world where religions, ethnic groups and various political and
cultural opinions can coexist in an atmosphere of dialogue, tolerance and mutual

I wish to state the existence of another Denmark that conceives itself as a part of
such a heterogenous world and humanity.

In the sincere hope of international tolerance and respect.


This is taken from http://www.anotherdenmark.org/

Friday, February 10, 2006


Yeah, that is the first thing that is coming to mind. OUCH!!! I don't feel good at all. I woke up this morning with abdominal pain as I felt it move around freely. The pressure and pain move up to my chest as I was washing my face and I almost fainted. So I dragged myself back to bed with breathing difficulties as the pain got worse. I slept the whole day pretty much. When I finally woke up, I was feeling a little better but now as I type this, I'm feeling seriously feverish. I think if I don't feel better by tomorrow. I'm heading to the doctor's.

Lovely, intro, huh? :D Here I am though after reading the comments I'd have to say, this is excellent. I love what's happening. Thanks for your comments... This is what I'd have to say...

If you read the comments you'd see Tarek's comment. Now, this is an perfect example of what is happening in our community and I'm sure similar things are happening worldwide... People cannot agree with each other, even when it comes to their same faith. I'm sure that this happens to all religions. It's a human nature not to agree with everything.

When it comes to Amr Khaled, I believe that he is the answer to Muslims who have lost their way... He comes with new ideas that suits our currents needs but not everybody believes the new ideas are good because they rather stick to the old fashioned way... I got news to these people... These ideas aren't new. They are as old as the days of our Prophet (PBUH) hence they are loved by many. Muslims have lost their way, and that's why we're not achieving the glory we had back then. Amr Khaled is trying to lead people to go back the original way but in a modern fashion. I think it's great... He admits that he's not a scholar... He is a religious man who just loves his religion and just wants to share his love with people so he can create a better community. The truth is people don't accept the fact that we need to change ourselves to change everything else. Meaning, if you want to love life and accept other, you got to change the way of thinking in order to see everything differently... It's a basic NLP rule. I just took a diploma in NLP so, I'm all about that. hehehe... Anyways, so this is what Amr Khaled is trying to do and this is why some Muslims attack him and wish him harm and some wish him all the best.

I'll say this, I won't be up here doing what I'm doing right now, trying to create peace if it wasn't for him. He has touched me in ways that is beyond the describable.

ok, now that is out of the way, I want to make something clear to fellow brother and sisters following other faiths...

We all are human created by The Creator hence we all have the same human nature. We love to disagree. I never claimed that only Muslims face problems that I talk about. I never claimed people in the US is becoming more secular. Religion is in everybody's mind. I won't say heart because I don't really believe that. As VassilyJung commented that some people take religion as a traditional thing. I totally agree with that. Hence it's in the head not in the heart.

As for Fernando and all those who feel the same as he, can you stop for a min and think without being aggressive? What's the point? I understand your belief system and I respect it, hence I'm not aggressive with you. Is it hard to be civil about other ideologies that fills this sacred earth?

Once again I say, that Amr Khaled is not asking for a special treatment. He's asking for a fair treatment. He just wants to make it clear that Islam is not what the west views it. I'm sure there are other people from the west who would love to do the same for their faith if it's being seriously misunderstood. He wants people to respect everybody including Muslims themselves. Is that hard to comprehend? It saddens me that you don't want to see the peaceful positive message to all humanity. It's not about Islam being accepted or not. Just accept that people practice it for humanity's sake. It's not even a culture thing. There are millions of Western Muslims, don't they have rights as well to practice their faith in the most civil way in their own western countries? Don't they have the right to be accepted as Western citizens? It's not about culture it's about choice.

We humans make choices and to make this a better place for humanity we need to accept each other's existence and respect each other. Then we can truly live free. The world isn't black or white. It's the most colorful thing so why not enjoy all the colored instead of limiting ourselves to enjoy them by refusing their existence?

Peace to all...

In defense of Amr Khaled and other thoughts.

When I read the comments. I was shocked by some of the comments because I seriously didn't see the message the way some people saw it. If you're thinking well, it's a culture thing, I lived in the US for 5 years. I am seriously influenced by the Western way of thinking. Most Arabs reject my way of thinking. So please don't attack me when I'm only trying to create an understanding between Westerners and Middle Easterners. My posts are not only for non-Muslims it's for Muslims who are lost trying to find "true" Islam... I was one of those people and wished I had somebody to turn to. I believe that is something peaceful. "Only" when I attack or become aggressive, you're welcome to attack me back.

For those who didn't read the speech carefully, please read it again. If you didn't read the whole speech, I'd understand why you'd misunderstand it. So read it all, carefully. I know it's a long read but wouldn't you like to understand what truly the deal is?

When Mr. Khaled was talking about The Prophet (PBUH) he was only explaining to the West why He is important to Muslims and asks Non-Muslims to "respect" what we feel about our Prophet. No one is forced to believe in what Muslims do. The Prophet himself didn't force it upon people, as it said in the speech. So why should we now? The point of the speech is to let the West know that the Muslims who are causing the chaos aren't following the way, that Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and it's not acceptable. Amr Khaled like me, is trying to create a better understanding between Westerners and Middle Easterners.

The problem is that, the West misunderstand Islam and Muslims don't help in fixing that because they themselves don't know what Islam stands for anymore. I, as a Muslim, who lived in an Western atmosphere majority of my life, can understand both point of views hence I believe I see the bigger picture of both regions.

It is not expected at all to Non-Muslims to believe what we believe in. If you don't want to believe in Islam all together, go right ahead. You "do" have that choice... Just don't disturb peace.

I say this to Muslims as well; The Prophet respected other faiths and never attacked anybody unlike those outrageous people who believe that they are following Islam accordingly. Again, don't disturb peace.

I say the same thing about any other religion... I've been to different countries. I had friends who were atheists, Agnostics, Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and so on. We have seriously different point of views about things but rather concentrating on things we do disagree on we concentrated on things we actually do agree with. That's how it's suppose to be.

Amr Khaled states only "his" believe and all Muslims beliefs that the Prophet is the best role model. It's matter of positive honest belief. He's not forcing anybody.. Please, he specifically stated "I believe" meaning it's "his" belief. So why would anybody be insulted by that? If a Christian would say Jesus is the best role model. We Muslims wouldn't be offended. If Jews say Moses, we wouldn't be offended. We believe in Jesus and Moses and other prophets mentioned in the Bible and Torah but then again that's a different topic.

Here's a random thought that just came to me:

To all the people that I really don't appreciate, I still love you for you are God's creation. I only hope that you can find it in your hearts to find love and peace. I say that to all Muslims and Non-Muslims; I fear for all who do wrong for what goes around comes around.

Thank you guys for commenting even if it seemed like I'm being attacked. I thank you because you just opened my heart to love, even to the ones I seriously cannot appreciate even if I tried.

God bless you all... May He, The Lord, forgives us "ALL" on this planet that we humans are destroying.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

My Final Post On This Issue.

In an ealier post, I posted about a wonderful man, Amr Khaled... I can't say what he said any better so I decided to share his messages to the world instead of me keep going on with this issue. May he be protected and always be blessed and all the people like him.

Mr. Amr Khaled’s Message to the World regarding the Danish Cartoons

In the name of Allah, the All-Merciful, the Ever-Merciful. All praise be to Allah and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger.

This is my message to the Muslim Nation, the Muslim youth, the Western civilization, and the whole world. I present this message through Amrkhaled.net to reach the Life-Makers youth and the youth of the forum. I ask them to deliver it exactly as I have said it to the Muslim Nation, the Muslim and Arab youth, the West through all their contacts there and surely to the whole world.

My first message is to the Muslim Nation and the Muslim youth:

Allah (TWT)[1] says what can be translated as, “Say, “In case your fathers, and your sons, and your brethren, and your spouses, and your kinsmen, and riches that you have scored (Literally: committed) and commerce whose slackening you are apprehensive of, and dwellings you are satisfied with, in case these are more beloved to you than Allah and His Messenger and striving in His way, then await till Allah comes up with His Command; and Allah does not guide the immoral people” (TMQ[2], 9:24). If any of these eight things is dearer to you than Allah, the Messenger of Allah (SAWS)[3] and striving in the way of Allah and His Prophet; if your sons are dearer to you than the Messenger of Allah; if your money is dearer to you than the Messenger of Allah; if your country is dearer to you then the Messenger of Allah; if your wife is dearer to you than the Messenger of Allah, then expect the dreadful anger of Allah (TWT) to be near.

To you I emphasize that dignifying and loving Allah’s Prophet is a divine precept in the same way that loving Allah (TWT) is. Again listen, “Say, “In case your fathers, and your sons, and your brethren… in case these are more beloved to you than Allah and His Messenger …” observe the status of loving Allah’s Messenger (SAWS).

Why should there be all that love? There is another ayah[4] in the Qur’an in which Allah says what can be translated as, “Indeed there has already come to you a Messenger from (among) yourselves. Mighty (i.e., burdensome) to him is whatever distresses you. Most eager is he for your (welfare), to the believers (he is) constantly compassionate, constantly merciful.” (TMQ, 9:128). It is because he is such that we love him in this way. Accordingly the relationship between us and him is just like the ayah in which Allah describes what can be translated as, “Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, and (the ones) who are with him are strict against the steadfast disbelievers, constantly merciful among themselves. You see them constantly bowing themselves, (and) constantly prostrating themselves, seeking Grace from Allah and all-blessed Satisfaction…”(TMQ, 48:29). In order to ensure that such a relationship remains like that for ever, in an ayah in surat[5] Al-Hujuraat, which continuously rings in our ears, Allah (TWT) states what can be translated as, “And know that among you is the Messenger of Allah…”(TMQ, 49:7). The Messenger of Allah is among us?! Who is this ayah addressing? The sahaba[6] at time of the sahaba? No, this ayah is everlasting and effective everywhere and forever. O youth, O mothers, O ladies… Everyone must “know” that in the year 2006, in the year 2010, in the coming century, in the past century: during any age or time, know that among you is the Messenger of Allah. He is among you with his shari’ah[7], he is among you with his sunnah[8] and he is among you with his mercy. He is among you with his path, among you with his way and among you with the light and guidance he left behind. He is among you with his love to you. He is among you with the fact that each time anyone prays for him (conveying him peace and blessings), Allah returns his soul back to him so that he can answer us. He is among us with the fact that all our deeds are presented to him every Thursday, so whatever good there is he thanks Allah for it, and whatever evil there is, he asks Allah to forgive us for it.

Again, the four ayahs I mentioned order us to love him because, “… Mighty (i.e., burdensome) to him is whatever distresses you. Most eager is he for your (welfare), to the believers (he is) constantly compassionate, constantly merciful”. So the relationship between us and him is, “Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, and (the ones) who are with him are strict against the steadfast disbelievers, constantly merciful among themselves…”. Allah continues to remind us of this relationship by saying, “And know that among you is the Messenger of Allah…”. All prayers and blessings of Allah be upon Muhammad (SAWS).

My message to the Muslim Nation and Muslim youth is, loving Allah’s Messenger, dignifying Allah’s messenger, defending Allah’s messenger and living on the path of Allah’s messenger is a duty and a responsibility that we will be asked about on the Day of Judgment. O youth, there is a responsibility resting on our shoulders. O Life-Makers, there is a responsibility resting on our shoulders. O ladies, there is a responsibility resting on our shoulders that dignifying Allah’s Messenger is a trust that we will present to him on the Day of Judgment when we meet him at the hawd[9]. We will go to him (SAWS) and tell him we are your ummah[10], we have fulfilled our duty. Perhaps we may have been wrongdoers, perhaps we sinned and perhaps we did not always work perfectly to reform and revive your ummah but we could not but dignify you and make the whole world dignify you. This is a responsibility that we return to you on the Day of Judgment that you may use to intercede for us and allow us to drink from your hawd while patting us happily. You (SAWS) would then say to us, yes, you made mistakes and committed sins, but dignifying me was so dear to you. Then you would make us drink from your hawd.

This is a trust. My message to the ummah is that we can never betray that trust whatever happens; it is the trust of dignifying the Prophet (SAWS) and making the world dignify Allah’s Messenger (SAWS). This is in addition to loving him and living on his sunnah and on his path. This is my message to the Muslim Nation. We will never neglect dignifying our Prophet, our beloved and our role model (SAWS).

Now this is my message to the West:

There exists a cultural vagueness in the West. This vagueness results from the presence of two different concepts. The first is a great Western concept that we respect, appraise, and need. That concept is freedom of speech. This is a great humane and civilized concept. On the other hand, there is the great Islamic concept of dignifying Allah’s Messenger (SAWS). The problem arises due to the lack of understanding of the Islamic Civilization and the Western Civilization regarding these two concepts. The non-Muslims cannot value the rank of dignifying the Prophet (SAWS). On the other hand, due to the below-average quality of practical application of freedom of speech, Muslims have a vague understanding of the concept of respecting freedom of speech.

Accordingly, what is required now? We do not want to refuse the concept of freedom of speech, absolutely not. However, the West should alter the freedom of speech so that it does not collide with the very important Islamic value of dignifying the Prophet (SAWS). Here lies the vagueness and ambiguity. The West understands very well the freedom of speech (which we appreciate) but it does not understand Islamic values, such as dignifying the Prophet (SAWS) and other Islamic sanctities. This is where the Western cultural vagueness lies.

I clearly say to the West, you have a problem. You cannot comprehend how much the Muslims love Prophet Muhammad (SAWS). You are still unable to understand this point. If you had really encompassed its significance, you would never have accepted what happened. The West, in general, governments and people, does not apprehend that Allah’s Messenger (SAWS) is dearer to us than our parents, dearer to me than my father and dearer than my mother. I am sure that any Muslim woman listening to me now, be her religious or not, will swear on that fact. Just ask, what does Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) mean to you? It is not even necessary to do that because it is so evident, but you may conduct surveys for yourselves, and you will realize how true what I am saying is. Ask any youth, be he heedless or pious; ask any Muslim anywhere, in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Yemen or in Egypt. Ask any Muslim in any village regardless of how religious he is, be he an obedient Muslim or not, a drug user or not, successful in his life or a failure, old or young, ask them, what does Allah’s Messenger (SAWS) mean to you?

O West, I affirm that Allah’s Messenger (SAWS) is dearer to all Muslims than their own parents. O West, Allah’s Messenger (SAWS) is dearer to us, Muslims, than our children and grandchildren. O West, Allah’s Messenger (SAWS) is dearer to us than our money, dearer to us than our own selves. He is dearer to us than our own countries. O Egyptian, who is dearer to you, Egypt or Allah’s Prophet? O Saudi, who is dearer to you, Saudi Arabia or Allah’s Prophet? O Yemeni, O Moroccan, O Algerian, who is dearer to you, your country or Allah’s Messenger (SAWS)? O West, comprehend that meaning, Allah’s Messenger (SAWS) is dearer to Muslims than their children and their own selves.

We can never forget the hadith that I repeatedly mentioned during the episodes of “On the Path of the Beloved”. O West, listen to this hadith[11] as it forms part of the sentimental make-up of the Islamic personality:

“We were with the Prophet and he was holding the hand of Omar Ibnul-Khattab. Omar said to him, ‘O Allah's Messenger! You are dearer to me than everything except my own self.’ The Prophet said, ‘No, by Him in Whose Hand my soul is, (you will not have complete faith) till I am dearer to you than your own self.’ Then Omar said to him, ‘However, now, by Allah, you are dearer to me than my own self.’ The Prophet said, ‘Now, O Omar, (now you are a believer).’”[12]

Being a true believer is conditioned with loving Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) more than our own selves.

O West, this is our notion and this is our love for Prophet Muhammad (SAWS).

I know that the West resists racism as they realize very well what it means. I also know that they stand up against any anti-Semitic assaults as they recognize the serious consequences of such acts. Yet, true contradiction lies in respecting Semitism and resisting racialism on the one hand, while humiliating the most valued figure for Muslims, the Prophet (SAWS), on the other.

Six months ago, a famous journalist of the BBC attacked Arabs describing them as a worthless nation. In spite of being a renowned figure with a daily program in Britain, his slandering was rejected by the British as racist and he was fired from the BBC. At that time, I was preparing a program on family matters, and knowing that he had articles and shows tackling this subject, I wanted to refer to them. To my surprise, none of his works were available due to his intolerant views against Arabs. There is no way to compare the Prophet (SAWS) to the Arabic nation, as slandering them is of a diminutive nature when compared to offending the Prophet (SAWS). My message to the West then is that freedom of speech, which we indeed respect, honor, and actually need, should be modified so that it does not clash with the highly revered Muslim value of dignifying the Prophet (SAWS). The West respects monarchies, Semitism, all races, and different ethnicities, and its respect to the Prophet (SAWS) and to sacred Muslim values should be no less.

Thus, my message to the Muslim ummah is that we should not forsake dignifying the Prophet (SAWS) under any circumstance. On the other hand, my message to the West is that the value of freedom of speech should be adapted to Muslim values.

My third message is to the whole world. This offense does not aim at the Prophet (SAWS) alone, but rather to one billion, two hundred thousand Muslims; or rather to all humanity. To explain this further to everyone, whether Muslim or not, I believe that Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) is the greatest personality that existed on earth. There is no doubt that his model of reform was most successful so far and whoever denies this fact is indeed most ungrateful. Slandering him is actually slandering humanity. Great men that existed throughout history were qualified as such due to a certain trait in their characters. Gandhi for example, was a great politician, Shakespeare a great dramatist, Voltaire a great writer, Napoleon a great military leader and so on. They were all great in one aspect or the other, while the Prophet (SAWS) was great in every aspect of his life. He was so great morally that he never hit or humiliated a soul, never beat a woman, never betrayed or lied, never went back on his word or avenged himself. He was always called 'the truthful and honest one' before bearing the message of Islam, and after becoming a prophet, the values and principles of the Qur’an were the model for his behavior. He was also great in his political insight. After the Battle of the Trench, for example, he knew that it was a turning point that would not be followed by a defeat. Moreover, he was great in his submissiveness to Allah as he bowed when praying, saying,

“O Allah, it is for Thee that I bowed. I affirm my faith in Thee and I submit to Thee, and submit humbly before Thee my hearing, my eyesight, my marrow, my bone, my sinew.”[13]

He (SAWS) also used to stand (in prayer) until both his feet swelled. When asked why (he offered such an unbearable prayer) he said,

“Should I not be a thankful slave?” [14]

He was great in the way he believed in freedom of opinion. In the Battle of Badr, he changed the location of the battlefield upon the advice of a soldier. He also agreed to dig the trench around Madinah according to Salman al-Faresy’s suggestion, and changed the fighting plan of the Battle of Uhud to respect the opinion of some of his companions. This is how he respected freedom of speech 1400 years ago!

He was great at forgiving others. On the day of the Conquest of Makkah, his companions were rejoicing saying, “Today is the day of a great battle and today Quraysh will be humiliated by Allah”. Conversely, the prophet's (SAWS) response was that today is the day of mercy in which Allah will bestow honor on Quraysh.

He was great in his voluntary renunciation of worldly luxuries when he could have been the richest man on earth had he wished to be. He was also great in the way he dealt with young people motivating them to exercise. For example, he once passed by some of the young companions of the tribe of Aslam practicing archery and he said to them,

“O offspring of Ishmael! Practice archery as your father was a great archer. I am with (on the side of) the son of so-and-so-.” Hearing that, one of the two teams stopped throwing. The Prophet (SAWS) asked them, “Why are you not throwing?” They replied, “O Allah's Apostle! How shall we throw when you are with the opposite team?” He said, “Throw, for I am with you all.”[15]

His enemies were never able to slander him due to any bad trait. He lived with them for 40 years before the divine message and another 13 years after it, and never were they able to smear him with a single bad trait that marred his character, or doubt his outstanding abilities. They even testified that he had never lied in his life. That is how great he was and that is how humiliating him smears every American, Indian, Pakistani etc.; everyone, whether Muslim or not. It is an insult to all humankind when such a great man is insulted.

He was great in his mercy. When he was persecuted by the people of At-Ta’ef and stoned until his feet kept bleeding, the angel of the mountains asked for his permission to destroy them. Yet his response was to supplicate Allah to guide them and to save them. Furthermore, in the Battle of Uhud, he was injured, overcome by his enemies, had his front teeth broken, and fell into a pit with blood gushing from his wounds. Nevertheless, when his companions asked him to curse them and to invoke Allah to punish them, he declined stressing the fact that he was sent as a mercy to all of humankind. He even invoked Allah to guide them to the right path and to excuse them for their ignorance.

He was merciful even with animals narrating that,

“A man saw a dog eating mud from (the severity of) thirst. So, that man took a shoe (and filled it) with water and kept on pouring the water for the dog till it quenched its thirst. So Allah approved of his deed and made him enter Paradise.”[16]

Similarly, he (SAWS) said,

“A woman was tortured and was put in Hell because of a cat which she had kept locked till it died of hunger.”[17]

This is our Prophet and this is how great he was. Unlike that of other great human figures in history, the Prophet’s greatness is lasting throughout the generations.

He believed in co-existence. He trusted the Jews and gave them all the rights of citizenship in Madinah, guaranteeing that no one would harm them, take any of their money, force them to convert, or intercede with their freedom to worship. He was also great in co-existence when he was against using the Muslims loyal to him in Makkah to create tension among the people of Quraysh, even during the war between Makkah and Madinah. At the time of the Hudaybeya treaty, he could have waged war against Quraysh but resorted to peace instead. He could have turned it into a bloodbath, but he chose peace and forced it on his enemies.

The human race should be proud that Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) existed one day, whether they were Muslims, Hindu, Jews, Christians, believers of any kind, or even non-believers. He is a turning point in the course of humanity. This is Muhammad (SAWS) and this is how humanity was humiliated the day he was. People around the world are demanding an international law that protects the dignity of this great Prophet.

That was my message to Muslims, to the West, and to the whole world.

One final question remains here, which is, what is it that we want? We do not need speeches. It took me some time to deliver this speech, as I believe that speeches alone cannot solve this problem. We do not even want superficial apologies that are not as deep as our wounds. We do need effective actions that denote Western respect for the Prophet (SAWS). We will not stop our protests until our Prophet regains the dignity he duly deserves as our great leader. Thus empty words and shallow apologies are not enough, actions must be taken. Until then, I need everyone to convey this message to their families and friends. I want it to be translated by Dar al-Tarjama to all languages and to be distributed everywhere to reach the West. This speech will be broadcast on Iqraa’ channel soon and I want as many people as possible to watch it. Meanwhile we should do our best to let the people know about our Prophet (SAWS). ‘On the Path of the Beloved’ for example, a program about the Prophet’s life, is being replayed now on Iqraa’ every Tuesday and Friday. Dr Tarek Suwaidan, A’Aaidh al-Qarny, Al-Habib Ali al-Jifry and Dr. Al-Buty are all renowned modern Muslims scholars who have speeches and articles about the life of the Prophet. Please do your best to make good use of their works as well as the tapes of ‘On the Path of the Beloved’ to enlighten the whole world about the Prophet (SAWS), until this predicament is unraveled and until Muslim requests are answered with real actions. Thus, what I am asking everyone to do is to distribute this message everywhere and to let everyone know about who the Prophet (SAWS) is. Our duty is double fold, we need to distribute this speech and make it available everywhere, and we need to introduce the Prophet (SAWS) and tell his story to everyone, among Muslims and non-Muslims. This speech is to be continued and I am indeed not done yet with this issue. Thank you. May peace and Allah’s blessing and mercy be upon you all, and let us get to work.

Amr Khaled

AmrKhaled.net © جميع حقوق النشر محفوظةThis Article may be published and duplicated freely for private purposes, as long as the original source is mentioned. For all other purposes you need to obtain the prior written approval of the website administration. For info: dar_altarjama@amrkhaled.net

[1] TWT = Tabaraka Wa Ta`ala [Most Blessed Most High]).
[2] TMQ = Translation of the Meaning of the Qur'an. This translation is for the realized meaning, so far, of the stated (Surah:Ayah) of the Qur'an. Reading the translated meaning of the Qur'an can never replace reading it in Arabic, the language in which it was revealed.
[3] SAWS = Salla Allah alayeh Wa Salam [All Prayers and Blessings of Allah be upon him].
[4] Verse
[5] Chapter
[6] The Prophet’s companions
[7] Islamic law
[8] The Prophet’s divinely guided way of life.
[9] The Prophet’s basin at which the true believers will meet him to drink from his hands on the Day of Judgment
[10] The Muslim nation
[11] The Prophet’s saying or action narrated by one of his companions.
[12] An authentic hadith reported by Al-Bukhari in Al-jame’ Al-sahih page/number 6632 and narrated by Abdullah Ibn-Hesham Ibn-Zahra Al-Korashey.
[13] Authentic Muslim hadith, Book 004, Number 1695.
[14] Authentic hadith by Al-Bukhari, Volume 2, Book 21, Number 23
[15] Authentic hadith by Al-Bukhari, Volume 4, Book 55, Number 592
[16] Authentic hadith by Al-Bukhari, Volume 1, Book 4, Number 174
[17] Authentic hadith by Al-Bukhari, Volume 3, Book 40, Number 553

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Choice or Brainwashed??

I've been reading the comments I've been getting here and I really love what's been happening here. It's great we all are getting together to discuss how to get along and I really do hope that this would actually work out.

I'll have to admit though what is bothering me though. It's the one and only "MEDIA" I like to know one thing. How do westerners make their decision on how truly the situation in the Middle East is without being here to see for yourself. How do they figure what is the reason why we are the way we are?

I find it quite amazing, that it's only the people who haven't been here say only the bad things... I know Americans that live here and they just love the place. They love the place to the degree they get married to Syrians if they weren't married already. I'm talking about men and women.

What are they really reading, watching or whatever on the media about us?? Why do they it's accurate if it's negative and when it's positive they call it propaganda?

As I said in my earlier post, we Middle Eastners aren't perfect but neither is everybody else. There are terrorist groups all over the world. Why do they call resistance terrorists?

I ask of all who are reading this to ask yourself honestly and truly... "Where do I get my info to come up with this decision. Am I the one who came up with this comclusion after seeing both sides of the story and see for myself what the deal is, or do I just take the media as my source and so on??

I, for myself lived in the US for 5 years. So I know how it truly is in the west and most Middle Easterners love Americans... They have the clear idea that the goverment and people are 2 different things. Why can't a lot of westerner do?

That's one thing that bother me and another thing that saddens me is this... This country is safe for westerners. I do have American friends here. A nice married couple. We hang out and nobody says anything or does anything... In matter of facts, people think I'm a American muslim because of my fair skin, blue eyes and my American accent since you often see me with westerners.

OK OK OK, ENOUGH babbling. All I'll say is this because I just heard this on TV... I think this is seriously getting out of hand... Now it's more than just Denmark media is publishing the cartoons... I have something to say to al these people

"STOP PROVOKING MUSLIMS!!! This is seriously getting out of control."

Love and peace,

Sunday, February 05, 2006

I woke up this morning late for work, for the past few nights I've been losing sleep to be able to post on my blog. I believe it's something important that seriously needs to be done. Anyways, back to the point, as soon as I get out of bed, my boss calls to ask if I was actually coming. I was like, oh no... I rushed to take care of my business, got dressed and off to go to work.

As soon as I get there my boss delivered the most exciting news (hack hack) We were to put Sound FX on 4 episodes of an Arabic cartoon for kids. Then sync the songs and the dialogue within 2 days. BLAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! Then me and a colleague got to go to our NLP seminar that our boss signed us up to take with our consent of course.

At 3:30 pm, it was time to head to the main office of the human development company I work for for the seminar... I've always been interested in any sort of human development because it'll help understand myself and others around me to be able to make a difference... It'll make my life easier. I just couldn't afford to go. I'm so glad I work for this company, I either get a discount or I'd get to attend seminars for free. In about 6 intense days of seminars, I'd have a NLP diploma... I'm seriously excited about that. GO proactivity GO!!! As we reached the building we got to see what seems to be a peaceful demostration. I thought that just wasn't enough to fix the problem. They needed to do more positive work to help Islam's true image come out instead of people who are not at anything but talk and violent activity. I ignored and just walked by.

As were taking a break, I heard the most disturbing news. I was fuming to the degree I was shaking; I was ready to yell at the top my lungs, "What a bunch of jack asses!!!" I couldn't believe that a mob of angry Muslims burnt the Danish embassy. Why?? That was seriously not necessary. They had no right. Islamically this is seriously NOT acceptable. I personally condemn this sinful act. You cannot fix something wrong with something worse... Innocent people could've died. They had nothing to do with the cartoons.

Then I realize that the Danish extremists planned to burn the Qur'an... So the people went ballistic... Still doesn't make it right at all. It just drives me crazy... I seriously wish that I wasn't living in this day and age. I wish I was living in the days of the Prophet (PBUH) or even Saladin's days. This is outrages this wouldn't have happened back then. Sometimes I just feel that I want to eliminate all extremists, Muslims and Non. Just strike them out. When I come back to my senses and realize that I am doing my best to fix this problem and in God's will I'll be able to do a better job once I get to develop myself better in order to spread the good word in a constructive and very peaceful manner.

Another thing that is getting me though, the media took record of this beautiful (VERY SARCASTIC) opportunity to show the world. Yeah I know we're not the best out there but why only concentrate on the negative and then when something positive is said, it said to be lies, no matter who says it.

May we all be enlightened and learn to believe we're all one struggling for the same cause, PEACE!!

Peace to all...

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Freedom of the Press or Incitement?

It took me a while to write about this because to be seriously honest, I didn't know what to think of the matter. I had serious mixed feelings about the matter. After I thought about it and discussed it with another open minded Muslim women, my cousin, I came up with this conclusion:

With freedom there is responsibility to keep order in this world. Limits are there to save us from chaos. Of course people are free to say what they please but when it comes to inflammatory that's a totally different story. Didn't the Danish artist who drew those offending cartoons of the Beloved Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) think what consequence he would cause? When you know what you would say will cause many millions of people to get offended worldwide then this goes beyond freedom of the press. In the contrary, this act is seriously seditious.

The Prophet (PBUH) is the most beloved to us Muslims. He's known to be the most loving, most just, most wise, most peaceful etc. man ever known. He is the example we should follow. Then when somebody degrades him and mocks him conveying him to be a womanizer, a terrorist, ignorant and a stupid man and making him look like the worst enemy to Islam, Bin Laden, that would raise a major controversy. He is our love and hope in this world. Wouldn't anybody be seriously offended if one of the most important thing to them is being seriously mocked? Plus in Islam, we cannot create an image on our Beloved Prophet because it wouldn't do him just in any way. So that is another stir of emotions there.

Was is really necessary to have these cartoons printed? What is the point when you know for a fact millions of people will get offended?

Friday, February 03, 2006

The Ten Commandments & The confirmation in the Qur'an.

Are we really that different?? Click on the commandments to see for yourself. Peace to all.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Peace and Love...

Here's a poem a wrote a while back. I'm just supplicating that God will cure us from this disease called "ignorance".

Peace and Love!
Peace and love all the way throughout eternity.
May God give us the will and power to reach enlightenment.
May God give us inner peace to spread to the rest of the world,
Maybe we'll finally have peace on earth.

Peace and Love!
Peace and love all the way throughout eternity.
May God open our minds to accept other beings.
May God open our hearts to understand one another.
Maybe we'll finally have serenity on earth.

Peace and Love!
Peace and love all the way throughout eternity.
May God give us patience to tolerate the differences.
May God give us courage to learn something new.
Maybe we'll finally have tranquility on earth.

*Ya Rahman, Ya Rahim, Ya Wadud, Ya Salam...
Ya Hafeez, Ya Wahhab, Ya Fattah, Ya Lateef...
Ya Muqeet, Ya Kareem, Ya Ra'uf, Ya Hadi...

Oh Allah, you are peace and love.
I pray to you with all my supplicating soul,
to guide us to the pleasant path that I strive to be on,
Your grand path of bliss.

Peace and Love!
Peace and love all the way throughout eternity.
May God let us feel his essence,
May God give us inner peace.
Maybe we'll finally have harmony where we live.

* These are 12 of 99 names of God known in Islam. Of course they are in Arabic...

Translation :

The Merciful
The Loving
The Protector
The Giver of All Things
The Remover of Difficulties
The Affectionate
The Giver of Sustenance and Strength
The Kind
The One Who Gives Guidance

Thanks everybody!!

A warm welcome to all my new readers. Thank you for stopping by, it's totally appreciated. I got to especially thank Kevin Sites for giving me this opportunity to share with the world, how a religious, open minded Muslim woman thinks and lives. We Muslims aren't suppose to be terrorists. Unfortunately, some group of extremists have some lose screws in their heads and ruin the image of true Islam. A religion of peace. The world "Islam" comes originally from the word Salam which means peace. The meaning of the word Islam is surrendering to peace for God, is peace. Another words surrendering to God.

I just want to make something clear to my readers... I removed some comments from my blog because this blog isn't political and I stay away from publishing my point of views of politics. I seriously feel it's pointless because it doesn't make a difference. I'd rather work on matters that will help us as humans and society. That is what I'm obligated to do for Islam is all about being proactive, unlike what most westerners have seen and I seriously blame us Muslims for that. We strayed from the Prophet Mohammad's (Peace Be Upon Him)way. It saddens me and bring tears to my eyes. May we all be enlightens...

I thank all of you for dropping by or emailing me...

Peace and Love to all....