Saturday, February 04, 2006

Freedom of the Press or Incitement?

It took me a while to write about this because to be seriously honest, I didn't know what to think of the matter. I had serious mixed feelings about the matter. After I thought about it and discussed it with another open minded Muslim women, my cousin, I came up with this conclusion:

With freedom there is responsibility to keep order in this world. Limits are there to save us from chaos. Of course people are free to say what they please but when it comes to inflammatory that's a totally different story. Didn't the Danish artist who drew those offending cartoons of the Beloved Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) think what consequence he would cause? When you know what you would say will cause many millions of people to get offended worldwide then this goes beyond freedom of the press. In the contrary, this act is seriously seditious.

The Prophet (PBUH) is the most beloved to us Muslims. He's known to be the most loving, most just, most wise, most peaceful etc. man ever known. He is the example we should follow. Then when somebody degrades him and mocks him conveying him to be a womanizer, a terrorist, ignorant and a stupid man and making him look like the worst enemy to Islam, Bin Laden, that would raise a major controversy. He is our love and hope in this world. Wouldn't anybody be seriously offended if one of the most important thing to them is being seriously mocked? Plus in Islam, we cannot create an image on our Beloved Prophet because it wouldn't do him just in any way. So that is another stir of emotions there.

Was is really necessary to have these cartoons printed? What is the point when you know for a fact millions of people will get offended?

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