Monday, February 20, 2006

Islamic Ambassadors

One of the problems that both East and West face is the lack of understanding each other and their way of thinking… Muslims are portrayed as savages to the West and Non-Muslims are viewed as devil followers to the East. These ideas lack knowledge and are filled with ignorance and hatred.

There shouldn't be any reason for that. That's why you'll find people from all over the world trying to raise awareness on both sides and sometimes even working together on the same project.

Again, Amr Khaled has proven that he's a man of peace. He's calling out Muslims all over the world to apply for Islamic Ambassadors. He's looking for Muslims that are willing to help bridge the gap that desperately needs to be filled for the sake of humanity.

I honestly, respect Mr. Khaled for his assertive efforts to spread the truth about Islam and create peaceful relations between the East and West.

On his website, there's a link to an application form. There isn't much info, just a flash link that says,

"Do you want to be an Ambassador of Islam?"
"Do you want to be a step in solving the conflict in Denmark?"

You click on the flash window and you'll get the chance to fill the application form.

I believe what Mr. Khaled is doing is very effective for Muslims who are finally breaking the chains of mental captivity. I believe, other than trying to build a better understanding of the East and West, Mr. Khaled has a hidden agenda; a positive one, of course. This is just my own assumption; nothing official. After I read the questions on the application form, it made me do some research and think deeply about what truly Islam is, who truly our Prophet (PBUH) is and think of what is the best way to effectively communicate with people. I think his other purpose is to make Muslims get to know "true" Islam better so they'd be able help others truly understand Islam and know how to be civil Non-Muslims in general. He wants Muslims to work on themselves to be better so they can contribute in bridging the gap.

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