Sunday, February 05, 2006

I woke up this morning late for work, for the past few nights I've been losing sleep to be able to post on my blog. I believe it's something important that seriously needs to be done. Anyways, back to the point, as soon as I get out of bed, my boss calls to ask if I was actually coming. I was like, oh no... I rushed to take care of my business, got dressed and off to go to work.

As soon as I get there my boss delivered the most exciting news (hack hack) We were to put Sound FX on 4 episodes of an Arabic cartoon for kids. Then sync the songs and the dialogue within 2 days. BLAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! Then me and a colleague got to go to our NLP seminar that our boss signed us up to take with our consent of course.

At 3:30 pm, it was time to head to the main office of the human development company I work for for the seminar... I've always been interested in any sort of human development because it'll help understand myself and others around me to be able to make a difference... It'll make my life easier. I just couldn't afford to go. I'm so glad I work for this company, I either get a discount or I'd get to attend seminars for free. In about 6 intense days of seminars, I'd have a NLP diploma... I'm seriously excited about that. GO proactivity GO!!! As we reached the building we got to see what seems to be a peaceful demostration. I thought that just wasn't enough to fix the problem. They needed to do more positive work to help Islam's true image come out instead of people who are not at anything but talk and violent activity. I ignored and just walked by.

As were taking a break, I heard the most disturbing news. I was fuming to the degree I was shaking; I was ready to yell at the top my lungs, "What a bunch of jack asses!!!" I couldn't believe that a mob of angry Muslims burnt the Danish embassy. Why?? That was seriously not necessary. They had no right. Islamically this is seriously NOT acceptable. I personally condemn this sinful act. You cannot fix something wrong with something worse... Innocent people could've died. They had nothing to do with the cartoons.

Then I realize that the Danish extremists planned to burn the Qur'an... So the people went ballistic... Still doesn't make it right at all. It just drives me crazy... I seriously wish that I wasn't living in this day and age. I wish I was living in the days of the Prophet (PBUH) or even Saladin's days. This is outrages this wouldn't have happened back then. Sometimes I just feel that I want to eliminate all extremists, Muslims and Non. Just strike them out. When I come back to my senses and realize that I am doing my best to fix this problem and in God's will I'll be able to do a better job once I get to develop myself better in order to spread the good word in a constructive and very peaceful manner.

Another thing that is getting me though, the media took record of this beautiful (VERY SARCASTIC) opportunity to show the world. Yeah I know we're not the best out there but why only concentrate on the negative and then when something positive is said, it said to be lies, no matter who says it.

May we all be enlightened and learn to believe we're all one struggling for the same cause, PEACE!!

Peace to all...

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