Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Choice or Brainwashed??

I've been reading the comments I've been getting here and I really love what's been happening here. It's great we all are getting together to discuss how to get along and I really do hope that this would actually work out.

I'll have to admit though what is bothering me though. It's the one and only "MEDIA" I like to know one thing. How do westerners make their decision on how truly the situation in the Middle East is without being here to see for yourself. How do they figure what is the reason why we are the way we are?

I find it quite amazing, that it's only the people who haven't been here say only the bad things... I know Americans that live here and they just love the place. They love the place to the degree they get married to Syrians if they weren't married already. I'm talking about men and women.

What are they really reading, watching or whatever on the media about us?? Why do they it's accurate if it's negative and when it's positive they call it propaganda?

As I said in my earlier post, we Middle Eastners aren't perfect but neither is everybody else. There are terrorist groups all over the world. Why do they call resistance terrorists?

I ask of all who are reading this to ask yourself honestly and truly... "Where do I get my info to come up with this decision. Am I the one who came up with this comclusion after seeing both sides of the story and see for myself what the deal is, or do I just take the media as my source and so on??

I, for myself lived in the US for 5 years. So I know how it truly is in the west and most Middle Easterners love Americans... They have the clear idea that the goverment and people are 2 different things. Why can't a lot of westerner do?

That's one thing that bother me and another thing that saddens me is this... This country is safe for westerners. I do have American friends here. A nice married couple. We hang out and nobody says anything or does anything... In matter of facts, people think I'm a American muslim because of my fair skin, blue eyes and my American accent since you often see me with westerners.

OK OK OK, ENOUGH babbling. All I'll say is this because I just heard this on TV... I think this is seriously getting out of hand... Now it's more than just Denmark media is publishing the cartoons... I have something to say to al these people

"STOP PROVOKING MUSLIMS!!! This is seriously getting out of control."

Love and peace,

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