Thursday, July 28, 2005

Shanti got laid finally.

In one of my older posts I mentioned something about cat prostitution. Well, my dad took part in that and actually hired a cat gigalo for my baby when she was one heat a couple of weeks ago. This is what my dad had to say in his email about the experience.

"After I talked with you, mom saw the cat screeming and restless then decided to accept having the male brought over.
Unfortunately I dont have a camera, to record the wedding ( lol) your cat was stronger than I thought, she is not allowing him to eaven approach her, we locked them up in the interance, with gusts bathroom, and put some foof and water and a littre box. he ate and drank but didnt allow her to drink, shes bakh bakh and he so far he is unable to do anything to her.
it was such an experience for me and ur mom. wish we had the Camera, Naseem
will bring his Camera tomorow, hope we can take some souvenir shots ( lol)"

and then he wrote in another email

"Shanti is unbelivably strong , you remember how was that Tomcat strong?she beat him hard and hurt him, but he was aggresive and brave he fought so hard and never gave up. The pets shop man told me this a super tom cat thatcan mate any female in less than a day, any how your mom said it is too muchto keep 2 cats in the house, they mated at least 5 times, and we had vediofilms im sending with ur mom. here is some pictures extracted from thevedio, I used Sara's Camera, though its not a very good quality the male stayed in our house all weekend, and i was afraid to keep him longer he started to have darreah , and I was not sure he dosnt have bugs or flees on him."

Here are some of the pics that were taken (The quality isn't great because they were taken from a video my dad recorded. Yes, he actually video taped it and I have the full length feature with the SFX and music. I haven't seen it yet. Please do enjoy the Feline Porn. :P

As Shanti sits in the bathroom, the cat gigalo stands there trying to figure out how can he woo her. She looks totally not interested.

Things get a little heated and Shanti is totally fighting off the gigalo. And so the battle begins.

After a heated battle obviously the gigalo got his way with Shanti. She looks satisfied. Well, we have been told that the gigalo actually got 12 cats pregnant. So he's experienced and knows what he's doing. Kudos to the feline gigalo.

According to my dad, Shanti, might be pregnant and I'm sincerely looking forward to that. If she is, she'll probably give birth around the time I'll be back in the UAE. Awww, I'm going to be a grandmother once again. hehehe...

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