Saturday, August 06, 2005

Worse places to be bitten...

About 2 night ago mosquitoes decided to use my arm to feast on. It was their dinner party. I have no idea how many mosquitoes were there but I got bitten from hand to my upper arm over 20 bites in one night. It's horrible but at least I didn't get bitten in the most annoying places to be bitten...

1) My Palms (It hurts too much to scratch)
2) Between my fingers (It's so hard to reach)
3) Right around my nails. (It also hurts and you still get it right)
4) My back (It's so damn hard to reach)
5) My ass (It's embarrassing to scratch that in front of people)
6) The soles of my feet. (Oh my God it hurt like a MoFo even when you walk on it.)

These are my worst places to be bitten. What about you??

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