Friday, August 26, 2005

My second tag...

Thank you Zena for the tag. :P here we go. It gives me something to post. hahaha..

10 years ago: I was about 17. It was my senior year of high school. I have to admit it was one of the weirdest years of my life. First of all, I changed high schools so new faces where all around, a whole new different system. I was pretty much goodie goodie 2 shoes, I didn't know what I wanted from life I tried to find where I belonged but I didn't feel I fitted anywhere. I didn't know who I really was. The biggest deal was my high school graduation and the song that wrote and performed in the graduation ceremony. Pretty much I didn't have a life at all.

5 years ago: I was around 22. I was in college in the US. My life revolved around the college radio station. I was the music director. The radio station pretty much took much of my time. Most of the other members where life family. They were all crazy people and that's what I loved about it. That period of my life, I was still searching for who I am. I was in my rocker phase. My hair was orange and red and brown. Wore the rockers clothes. I pretty much lived the rock and roll life style.

1 year ago: I was a quarter of a century and an extra year. :D Hmmm. I recently graduated from college in Malaysia. Did some traveling to Syria after going back to the UAE. Some seriously life changing events took place in my life. My heart for the first time fell in love with the most loving man on earth. Things didn't work out and I was crushed and I changed dramatically since then. Became more religious just stopped taking crap from people.

Tomorrow: The first thing that comes to mind is same old shit different day. Hahaha... I try to live the moment for the most part. So I try not to think about it. But as Incubus say, "whatever tomorrow brings, I'll be there."

5 Snacks I enjoy: Chocolate, cheese, chips, frozen yogurt and biscuits

5 bands & artists I like: Incubus, Julia Butrous, Sting, Train and The Beatles.

5 Things I'd do with $100.000.000: Invest some of it to get more money :P, give some to some charity, save some for rainy day, give some to my parents. Spend the rest for fun.

5 Places I would run away to: Boston- USA,Byron Bay- Australia, Switzerland, Malaysia and England.

5 Bad habits I have: I'm totally messy, I cry all the time, I pick my nose in public hahaha, I tend to be lazy sometimes, I nag a lot.

5 things I like doing: Listening to music, sing, read, be productive in anything creative, being a friend.

5 things I will never wear: Uhmm. I pretty much worse everything in my life time, but probably multicolored clothes that don't actually fit together and seriously tight ass clothes or anything trashy.

5 TV Shows I like: Friends, 2 guys and a girl, Life Makers (sona3 el7ya, Amr Khaled), Yallah Shabab, Touched by an Angel

5 People I'd like to meet: Amr Khaled, Mesut Kurits, Julia Butrous, my friend Israa in Egypt and my friend Hajar in England

5 Movies I like: Lord of the Rings, Dead Poets Society, Good Will Hunting, Spirited Away and The Message.

5 biggest joys at the moment: My connection with my creator, my loved ones (true friends and family), my cat, my loving parents and my health.

I now tag Nuralhuda , Juwaireyah and Hasan... You got to love me for it. :P

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