Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Aleppo Takes Preparations as Capital of Islamic Culture for 2006

Accoding to SANA

Governor of Aleppo Tamer al-Haja on Tuesday briefed journalists and media men on current preparations taken to make the celebration of “Aleppo, the capital of Islamic Culture for 2006” a success.

“The celebration, due to start on 18 March, includes different activities, among them presenting 8 seminars, 150 lectures, restoring 20 historical site, organizing exhibitions, TV and Radio programs in addition to issuing a special magazine for this event,” al-Haja said during a press conference.

“Aleppo city has recruited more than 500 persons in different domains to prepare for this celebration… Spain and Germany will take part in the event through offering books, CD’s, and films on the historical sites of the city,” he added.

The Syrian second city of Aleppo was elected the capital of Islamic culture for 2006 as it represents an example of the Islamic cities in its religious tolerance, recognition of the other and coexistence among different religions and doctrines as well as its historical image.

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