Friday, January 06, 2006

A post from a sister's blog..

I was going through some blogs and I came across this post... Hajar, if you're reading this, please forgive me for stealing your post but I couldn't help but stop laughing at how you ended the conversation. It's toooo funny. I wanted to share it with everybody.

This is something I feel as well and I've been told to stay away from non-Muslims. The problem is not the religion itself, it's the ignorant ones who want to force their views on other people. La ikraha fideen

This is a post by Nuralhuda.

Salafis, Again...

'who is that?'
'a friend'
'why is she not wearing hijab?'
'maybe cos she's not muslim?' [ i would have thought the crucifix gave it away]
'i see. have u tried to guide her?' [Allah is the one that guides, no?]
'she's a very religious christian, and is happy that way'
'and yet she's your friend?'
'ya ukhti, you should stay away from the kaffirs'
'and you, ukhti, should go to hell'

i guess she wont be bothering me anytime soon.

if you want to sport a 10 ft beard and 3/4 length trousers, thats your choice.

if you want to wear niqab, get married at 13, and have 35 kids [to increase the ummah's population], fine. but dont force your messed up choices on me.

and if Im doomed to hell for having christian, agnostic, hindu and even jewish friends, then that's my concern. not yours.

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