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If you're wondering...

I just wanted to share this piece of information from one of great scholars, Imam Suhaib Webb. Br. Suhaib contacted me when I sincerely needed help this summer. I once again needed to read this and I hope this can help anybody who needs it.

Asalamu alaykum,

I pray all are well. I was blessed to hear brother Sami last night here in the Bay Area and Mashallah his new songs sound great! I ask Allah to bless him and increase his good.

Regarding our dear sisters question:

Dear sister,

Your lack of focus and concentration could be do to a number of issues social and spiritual.

On the social level:

1. Stress- For many young brothers and sisters in Musilm lands there is a great amount of stress. School and marriage seem to be some of the main issues in Egypt amongst my friends. However, there are a number of things you can do to assist with this.

a. Take some time out and enjoy yourself. Go to the park or place of recreation. It is important to recharge your batteries and give your mind and soul a rest. The Prophet (sa) said, "Your body has a right you." (sound hadith)

b. Try doing something benefical in your community. Work with youngsters and teach them to read. I know of alot of children of Bawabs in my area who cannot read nor write. Perhaps do some type or work that will relax you and bring you closer to Allah.

c. Sports: Sports are a great way to let of steam and relax.

e. Keep a diary. Writing your thoughts down every-day is a great way to let things out and make muhasaba of yourself.

2. On the spiritual level:

1. I was sad to see you asking for an answer besides supplication and prayer. Such a statement reflects a great spiritual problem! For indeed, if the Salah and supplication are not the greatest assistance at your disposal then what is? Such a statement is like a a patient complaning to a doctor with the cure for their disease sitting in front of them. I encourage you to think deeply about your relationship with Salah and Supplication. Allah says, "Seek help with prayer." And "Your Lord says call on Me and I will answer you." And, "Indeed, with the remembrance of Allah hearts find rest."

Dear Sister! Know that there is no better medication than prayer and dua. Perhaps, and this is the case with myself, it is not the supplication nor the prayer that is not working, but the one praying and supplicating? For that reason the great poet Al-Mutanabi said, and I'm sorry I have no Arabic on this computer,

"If the eye is ill and fails to see the beauty in an object, then let it not blame the object. And if the tongue is ill and it fails to taste the sweetness of food, then let it not blame the food."

Thus, my advice is to revisit your prayers and supplication. Everything has a means of travel. From Medinah Nasir to Hussein we use a micro-bus. From Salmiyah to Sura (yes Kuwait!) we take a taxi. And from Cairo to the USA we use an air-plane. But how do we travel to Allah (swt). Allah (swt) says, "Flee to Allah." We travel to Allah with sound healthy hearts. Thus, my advice would be to work on your soul, then revisit your prayers and supplication. Imam Al-Ghazzali said, "Prepare your hearts for knowledge as land is prepared for cultivation." Thus, I advice the following:

1. Establish a daily time to sit and remember Allah.

2. Make wudu, pray two rakats and run with your heart and tears back to your Lord. Allah (swt) loves those who turn to Him and He is sure to be there for you. But, you must knock on the door, if no-one answers, knock louder
3. Remember that tears of sincere pentance are worth more than gold and rubies. Thus, give some Sadaqa from your eyes to Allah. Money is a great form of sadaqa, but sincere tears for Allah have cannot be valued. The Prophet (sa) said that those tears and what every they touch will not be burned by the Hell fire.

I ask Allah to bless you and forgive me if my words were harsh.

Your brother

"One has to conquer the fear of death if he is
going to do anything constructive in life and take a stand against evil."

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

Asalamu alaykum,

After reading out sister's response I recalled a beautiful statement of our Prophet (sa) that should really boost everyone's faith.

The Prophet (sa) said, "Whoever, works towards improving his/her Islam. Then for every, good action, he/she does it will be multiplied 10 to 700 times. And for every sin or mistake he/she makes, it will counted as only one." (Sound hadith)

Mashallah! Such great news and glad tidings for those who stuggle and seek to improve their relationship with Allah.


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