Saturday, February 12, 2005

Weird Encounter

I know somebody online that I get to talk to every great while but for some odd reason. The strange thing that every time I get to talk to him something sweet happens. I remember once he helped me with the most hideous project I had to do for college all the way from Canada when I was in Malaysia. He thinks totally highly of me and I feel that recognizes what I went through in the past couple years. I totally appreciate that because that's what I need at the moment in my life. Something about my encounter with this guy that makes it weird is sometimes it feel very magical. He just come and goes and every time he comes briefly he leaves something positive in me. It's like he's an angel sent by God. LOL I know well enough he's human with his own set of issues. I like it when he comes to me for advice because he actually listens to me I feel that he's doing a little better. :) God bless his heart....

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