Saturday, February 19, 2005


I have no idea what on earth to believe about Psychics. I had a few pathetic with phone psychics. Hahaha... They are liars for sure. I've wasted money on that. I haven't lost hope though, LOL. Somebody once told me that I even had the ability. Well, I have to admit my sensitivity makes me feel things not everybody does. Plus, I really love to be aware of my surroundings. I do meditate whenever I can and it's the most amazing feeling.

So while I'm writing this, I'm on PalTalk in a room where there is this British Psychic who really sounds cute... He seems very sweet, like a grandfather would be to his grandchildren. His defiantly out there. Hehehehe.. It's for free so I'm waiting for my turn till I get my reading. I think I'll ask about my career since I'm in the middle of a job search and see what will happen.

Well, I wasn't lucky today. I didn't get a reading because the psychic mentioned something about him being tired and so are his spirits. There a lot waiting. It's all good though. Maybe next time I'll end up getting a free reading. Another good thing is that I met this lady from Trinidad. She seems like an absolute sweetheart. Reminds me of 2 really wonderful people that have been there for me spiritually. I guess if you can't have them all but you can have some stuff. :)

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