Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Umayyad Mosque

Here are some pics I took of Ummayad Mosque's Minaras in my stay in Syria. Very gorgeous mosque with such ancient hisotry.

The Minaret of the Bride is the oldest and most beautiful minaret of the Umayyad Mosque. According to a 17th century historian, its name is attributed to the daughter of a Damascene merchant who was asked by the King to provide lead, a scarce material at this time, to cover the roof of the minaret. The merchant's daughter would not give him the material before he paid her the weight of the lead in silver, which he eventually did. Convinced that he was a man of his word, she donated the lead for free and agreed to marry the king. The minaret was thereafter given the title of the woman who provided the leaden covering: Al-Arous - The Bride.

- This info but not the pic was taken from another blog.

The reason why I took this angle of The Bride is because it shows the history of Umayyad Mosque. How it used to be an ancient temple, then a church and now, for thousands of years, a mosque.

Here's another Minara from the Ummayad Mosque. Don't know much about this one. If any one does, please fill me up with the information.. Thank you.

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