Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Lately I've been wondering about a few things about current events. It really disgusts me 100%. I've never really liked politics because it seriously gives me a headache because nothing and I mean NOTHING seems the way it is. There are always some hidden truth to everything. I used to seriously look into politics but honestly I couldn't handle it because things are getting worse and worse and my fear of this turning into some sort of 3rd WW is getting bigger and bigger. So when our side of the world's leaders decided to finally take care of root of the issue instead of worry about their power?? At least we can all do us a favor and fight for what we believe is right and raise the next generation to be more aware and willing to make a difference.


Phoenix said...

I totally agree with you my dear!!! Well... before their hearts can't feel the touch of a really life , we stay here, praying for our leaders too :)
Pity they came ''to have'' not ''to be'' or ''to care''..
But we need to keep our heart in hope... Hope that something in somewhere touches all their hearts and conduce all nations with love!

Stellar said...

There is always a conspiracy somewhere that seriously is dangerous and most people don't even know the truth of some nations' agenda. It hurts that people are just entertained with stupid waste of time activities when being connected to things around isn't really the essential to them. It really breaks my heart. They seriously think that being better in every way is a waste of time and let the ones who are trying to make a difference down. It's just sad, very sad.