Friday, February 11, 2005

Love so Sweet

I have this urge to write something on here but I have no idea what it is I want to write or should I say, type. I guess I'll just babble. I checked out a friend of mine's girlfriend's blog. It was beautiful. Her posts are very sweet and what was even sweeter was her boyfriend's comments. I realized more and more how romantic is my friend with his writing. Maybe he can be the next Shakespeare. You'll never know. I wanted to leave a comment on her blog but after reading his comments I was speechless. I was clueless, so I decided not to say anything at all.

Check him out at


dodger said...

me? shakespeare? you should be telling this to our highschool english teacher. he used to hate me and tell me i'm arrogant and i have nothing to do with english, and he even kicked me out of his class many times.
too bad for him, i won't be writing him a love poem.
love and passion can make magic with words.

harry potter

Stellar said...

Yes, I think you can be the next shakespeare. Your English teacher is an idiot and probably was jealous that you can write better than him. hehehehe...