Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Mysterious doors of Old Damascus

Here are some pics of my stay in my homeland Syria... On New Years eve my aunt's family decided to take me to Old Damascus which happens to be my favorite place in all of Damascus. These doors really caught my attention and had to take pics of them. What do you think aren't they spooky in a very gorgeous way???

One really mysterious looking door... What could be in there???

Another door... What is hidden behind that door???

And another door... What does this door hold???


Ayman said...

Stellar, very nice pictures indeed. I think this is Maktab 'Anbar, right? You have a nice blog. I have linked to you.

Stellar said...

Thanks Ayman, I think you're right it is Maktab 'Anbar. Thank you for linking me to your site.