Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Silly Coincidence.

I know this might be silly to share but I just thought I'd share the coincidence. I was searching for some info about what movies theaters are playing the Da Vinci Code here in the UAE and I got this from an English teaching site that I found while searching online. The Ironic thing is that I bought a new CD, actually 3 CD's, the other day I am going to Africa soon. Hehehehe...

infinitive of purpose

The infinitive with to is used to talk about people's purposes, the reasons why they do things.

*Sara is going to the shop to buy a new CD. (= because she wants to buy a new CD)

* I'm going to Africa to have a vacation. (= because I want to have a vacation)

Do not use "for" before the infinitive of purpose!

* Sara is going to the shop for to buy a new CD.

* I'm going to Africa for to have a vacation

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