Saturday, May 06, 2006

True Love...

I just realized that true love does not die no matter what. When I was living back in the US I had friend that I only loved with all my heart. He was one of the most amazing human beings on earth. The sweetest, the hottest, the most loving, the most gentle human being I've ever known. His name, Mikel Cunha.

It all started back in 1999 in English class. He forgot his book so I shared mine with him. He kept dropping his pen and kept apologizing to me for the distraction. I wasn't bothered though, I thought it was cute. At that moment, for some reason I knew, I just knew, that something special is going to develop between us.

One day I was taking part of an International fair and who do I see walking around, not the least, it was Mike. He saw me and was surprised to see me all dressed up in Traditional Syrian wear. He came up to me and started talking. He mention something about him wanting to go to California to pursue his acting career. Ironically, I wanted to check out California for my music career. So that's when we exchanged numbers. We were 2 people who wanted to share their goals together. From then it a beautiful friendship has started. We joined the drama club together and let me tell ya, he is one good actor. He sure did convince me.

Then few months later, he simply dropped from the face of the earth. I stopped hearing from him and I for some reason, I never tried to contact him. Then a year later I was walking in a corridor at college and who do I bump into? No one but Mike. I was ecstatic to see him. I gave him my new number and ever since then we've been closer than ever.

I have a few wonderful memories of him. Like one I had the cancer scare he took me out to let me forget and just was the most loving human being. Drove me around Boston, and just showed me a wonderful time. Another when we were acting together, when I went over his place when he was taking part of this local reality TV show in Boston. When I was freaking out about not being able to stay in the US after 9/11, he actually offered to marry me, to keep me in the country. I remember him saying, "we're a team we need to follow our dreams in California together."

Obviously that never happened and when I couldn't go back to the US, I kicked myself in the head for not accepting. Oh well, that is what's meant to happen. I can't complain now. Anyways, so we exchanged emails since then we just lost contact again. About a year later when I was living in Malaysia I contacted him and we had a great talk. This guy just always knew how to show how much he cared. As it is I missed him terribly and that was the last time I heard from him.

It has been 3 years since we talked. Finally after trying to attempt to contact him, I get an email from a friend of mine, Blake that he has contacted him for me. Oh man, for the past few months I was suffering. I was worried sick about Mike because I hadn't heard from him for ever, I didn't know his email addy, I kept getting weird dreams about him and last but not least I couldn't when I called his home, his mom for some odd reason told me that I got the wrong number. I guess she thought I was some stalker or something. hehehe...

This is what Blake had to say in his email when he contacted Mike:

"He sounded very nice and sort of surprised yes. He asked if I was calling for Sara from the Middle East and sounded relieved when he realized I meant you. I told him you had called once and was told he did not live there anymore and that it obviously seems much harder to track someone down stateside when you are so far away. He asked where you are now and said he had not heard from you since you were in Malaysia. I said I knew that, you had told me that was about 3 years ago. He really sounded like he wanted to get a hold of you. He did not sound at all like he was smoking BC Bud...He wanted my email address too and he was thankful and very pleasant indeed to speak with. I think this is going to be the start of a beautiful relationship...I have an uber-smile for you Sara! Amazing what can turn up from chatting online twice, hey?!? "

So you can see, Mike still is thinking of me as well. Hehehehe... Now that's what I call true love. Both of us always knew that we had feelings for one another but we never did anything about it. We even discussed it. We didn't want to ruing the special friendship that we had. Well, I believe it's good that nothing happened. It only makes our relationship even more special. We never held back to tell the other how we love each other. In matter of facts his last words to me were "I love you" Of course, it's not in the sense romantically, it's said in the most innocent and loving way... It's a seriously close friendship kinda thing.

It hasn't happened yet but now we're going to be in touch again and I'm happy beyond words. I just thought I'd share this heaven like experience. What makes it odd is that Blake is a cool Canadian that I met on Couch Surfing . I never met him personally and still was able to make this sad little girl's decade :D The ironic thing is that, Mike and I had an mutual friend and I contacted him so he can help me out but nothing has happened. He told me that he'll contact Mike but that never happened. While Blake, the min he knew about the story, he tried to contact him and the next day he sends me the email telling me, it was a great success.

Sometimes, strangers are better than the people you've known for years and claim that they care about you. That's life for ya. Well, all I care now is that Mike and I are going to be in touch again and I'm super thrilled.

Thank you BLAKE!!!

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