Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Coming back Early...

Here I am coming back much earlier to Syria a lot earlier than I thought. I really don't want to come back and live my old disgusting routine. The only thing that'll make this a lot easier is that my mom is coming down and would be staying till August. That should take some crap off of me.

I still have seriously mixed feeling towards Syria. My job situation isn't getting any better and I don't think staying in that company is going to do me much in developing my career sitting at home most of the time doing nothing. I get no pay and I learn jack.

I've decided to go back to college next year. I'll be moving once again, this time to either London or Dubai (haven't decided yet) for a year to get my audio engineering BA. Hopefully, I'll be able to get a job as well at SAE (School of Audio Engineering) That way I wouldn't miss out on the working experience while I'm in that year of college. What happens once I graduate, I'm not too sure yet. A friend of mine told me that there might be a new Islamic Entertainment satellite channel opening by that time. I think I might apply for a job there and see where that takes me.

Other than that, I still have to talk to people I know about my music, maybe I can get that going as well. I think it'll be amazing if I get it published. My trip to Egypt is postponed but doesn't mean I can't talk to other people who might be help me who know other people. I'll see where all this might lead me.

I just need to find a really awesome web designer to start my own website where I can promote my own music. I have some cool ideas that might get this going. Woohoo. I'm getting all excited just thinking about it. Well good luck for me and in God's will all would work out in the end.

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