Saturday, June 04, 2005


I thank all those who participated in this mock contest. :P Wasn't it fun???Hahaha... We actually got more than winner. For those who said more than one answer I'll just take their first choice..

Congrats to the winners who happen to be Ayman and Dina.

So you guys can now have a FREE blog template from me Hehehehe

I really enjoyed designing this blog and I wouldn't mind to do it again and again :D So if anybody has an idea, fill me up...

Oh yeah, the answer... :P Sinan is my savior who help me when I messed up horribly... I do have to thank Baher as well... He's the one gave the jump start to this whole thing. I was clueless and he gave a site to figure it out and it helped. Thanks BAHER!!!! I also thank Sinan for fixing the script that I totally made a total mess out of.

OK, now that is out of the way, we can go back to out lives. Hehehehehehe...

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