Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Who ever knew??

One of the first people that I got to know via blogging is Dina. No doubt, she seemed like a really sweet girl. As I got deeper into blogging we got to know the same people and comment on each other's blogs more often.

Not to long ago I started chatting with her on Yahoo messenger. We were getting to know each other which lead to tell her a horrible incident that happened to me back in 2002. Dina mentions that she heard of a girl with my exact same story. I was thinking maybe it's a coincidence since I know I wasn't the only Syrian this happened to. Then thing led to another and then figured out that the girl was talking about is actually me. Too many coincidences for me to believe it's another person. It came down to that she heard the story from her Uncle's wife. I was thinking that my story has become new in Syria. I still didn't get it.

As it turns out to be and what I find VERY entertaining is that after all that, me and Dina realized we're related. Shocked It's not a blood relation nor a close one. As it turns out to be, my uncle's wife who also live in UAE is Dina's Uncle's wife's sister. Another words my cousins are her cousin's cousin in which she met when Dina was much younger. Confusing enough?? Tongue Out I asked my cousin about her and he actually remembers her clearly as they played as kids. How cute...

So how did Dina know of my story? U can guess... My Uncle's wife told her sister(Dina's Uncle's wife) about my story and obviously Dina heard it from her somehow.

I love these kinda incidences. It's not the first time for me though, it's my second time. The first one was in the Sami Yusuf Forum I met another relative that I never knew she existed. We even live in the same country.

Interesting, don't you think???

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