Thursday, January 13, 2005

Weird Dreams

For some odd reason I've been having weird dreams. I guess it's because I'm terribly depressed but still functional. Maybe this combo is creating some strange reaction from my subconscious and it's projected in my dreams. Like 2 nights ago, I dreamt that I was helping a group of spies spys to get into Israel. Then people I know from college in Malaysia keep asking me about how on earth can we speak to each other. I had to explain to them that the language is very similar and that it wasn't even real. Nobody was going to get hurt, it's only a play. It's strange... There is much more to the dream.

Last night again I had another dream. I can't remember exactly what was it exactly but I have this weird feeling about it. Not bad, nor good just weird. Since my prayer have been increasing for the past few days, I wonder if God is trying to guide me to something new... Something with up most meaning that I've never experienced. I have no doubt in my creator. My faith will always be there like it always has.


dodger said...

ani lo mevin.. at medaber ivrit?

Stellar said...


ani lo mevin... Toda. :P