Thursday, September 21, 2006

What the Pope said...

I know this post is coming a little too late but I just wanted to think over the whole situation and type something when I'm not soo pissed of at the Pope and the idiots who burned down churches that weren't even Catholic.

Here's the thing... The Pope is suppose to be a man of religion, a man of hope, love and toleration. He didn't show what he's expected to be as a man of religion. Instead, he was talking about long gone history and hate... Why? He's a man of religion not a biased historian. If he wants to talk about Islam being the religion of the sword then what were the crusades all about? The Pope's appology isn't enough, it was very generlized and he didn't exactly explain himself. He just was sorry for being misunderstood which is another insult to us. Just like he made the speech, he needs to applogize fully to what he said.

What ever happened to John Paul's Peace message?

In my personal opinion he had no right to say what he said and that's all I have to say about that.

As for the some of the ignorant Muslims, I'll say.. WAKE UP for crying out loud... The Pope was merely saying "his" opinion it's not even majority of the other Catholics. Why burn down the churches that aren't even catholic and don't take the Pope as their religious leader? WAKE UP and learn that this act even if they were Catholic churches, isn't the way the Prophet (PBUH) would deal with it. WAKE UP from your deadly slumber. Stop being zombies and take Islam seriously and learn about the true ways of the Prophet (PBUH)... Demand the apology from the Pope, I agree but never cause destruction to those who are innocent. Even if they weren't innocent fight them back the exact same way they fight you. Never take a step further unless it is for peace. You have the right to be angery and even show it but do it peacefully.

I truly believe that Muslims are falling short on showing the true face of Islam... I don't want to blame anybody but again WAKE UP, MUSLIMS!! Be good Muslims not by only doing your ritual obligations there are other obligations and that treatment of others and the most important one is seriously getting to know our religion, the Qur'an, the way of the Prophet (PBUH)... Stop allowing your emotions take over and start using your heads that has been idle for way too long. Just WAKE UP!!!

The Prophet's (PBUH) companion, Omar (May Allah be please with him) refused to pray in a church even when a priest invited him to, just because Omar feared that Muslims after him would want to change the church into a masjid... Another words, respect other religions' places of worship. It's the Pope with the problem not the faith nor the Christians...

Peace to all who want peace.

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