Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Another Attack

As you all heard there has been another attack in Syria, this time; it's the US Embassy. The first thing that came to my mind when I heard that is "Oh boy, here we go again" As I said before in similar posts about the attacks on couple of European embassies in Syria, this is totally not acceptable Islamically or anything to do in the name of the Lord of the universe. I'm beyond aggravated at this act. As a Muslim to see this is done in the name of Islam, is totally an insult to me if it's truly done in the name of Islam.

If the Prophet (PBUH) were to see these acts, he'll probably outcast all these "so called" proper Muslims... They do nothing but give Islam a seriously horrifying name. Then whoever has gain from such acts would take advantage of the catastrophic situation to gain whatever they can from it all. It's all sickening... The really agonizing thing to Muslims like me, is that some of these acts aren't even done by Muslims but Muslims are framed so other people get their benefits. It's very easy to take advantage of simply because with the Qa'eda bombing everything they can that has to do with the US. It's extremely easy to add some fabricated acts or violence to the actual acts that are condemned by any descent Muslim worldwide .

I truly don't know what to do... When I feel the situation is getting better something messed up happens and things get worse than when they started... Muslims need to be a whole lot more pro-active, educated, and less secluded... They need to be part of the solution because staying silent is only being part of the problem. Muslims should be heard condemning the non-Islamic violent acts done in their name; bring our name and the teaching of the Prophet (PBUH) down to the ground. The question that I keep asking myself is, "Are we going to be heard, or are we wanted to be heard rather??"

I say no to all violent terrorist acts should be condemned. Though as there are many different point of views of what truly is terrorism... There's a difference between protecting and resisting and then there is terrorism... People have the right to protect their homes and live in peace without occupation. People occupy unjustly they'll get people resisting. It's only cause and effect.

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