Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Change once again...

About days ago, I applied for another job... Yeah most people know that I love my job. Well, it's true I do love my current job but it's not stable. I'm a freelance and it's not cutting it. Lately there are no projects to work on and it's driving me up the wall because if there are no projects there's no cash and I'm just sitting there doing nothing.

I can't just stay and home and do nothing. I tend to overthink things and just cause more chaos in my, as it is, chaotic mind. So I took that bold step and look for another job but this time as fulltime. I want a stable salary and stable work, all together.

I applied to a new Islamic Arabic Satellite Channel called Al Resala (The Message) It's probably the most positive non-traditional Islamic Channel that ever existed. It's proactive and it teaches all sorts of stuff that's beneficial for our generation and the younger ones.

The owner of the Channel is the well known Prince Waleed ibn Talal of Saudi Arabia and the manager is Dr. Tarik Swaidan from Kuwait. The Channel is aired from Egypt. It has a strong message and that is to get Muslims back to the original way, being moderate, proactive, tolerant and just.

This is the logo of that Channel. I first thought it's just a bird as in the bird that sends messages etc... As it turns out to be, it's more than that. It's also hand reaching out. I believe that's just beautiful. On the bottom it's the name of the Channel in Arabic and under that is the Channel's motto: Innovation and Faithfulness. I'm not too sure if this is the best translation but I hope that at least the point of it is clear enough.

I really hope I get a job there even though it'll mean I'd have to relocate once again... I don't care, I got to do what I got to do. Wish me luck guys...

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