Monday, November 07, 2005

Candle Lit Dinner...

Last night has been one amazingly beautiful night *hack hack* I hadn't slept in over 24 hours, trying to fix my sleeping schedule. Ironically, I was wide awake and VERY hungry... I decided to cook up something quick to eat and hit the sack. Sounds quite ordinary... My place is pretty warm since I have my electric heater on since my other one isn't working right. I was watching The Royal Tenenbaums on One TV. It's a pretty odd movie that I loved the first time I watch in New York with my cousin. It brought up weird but good memories.

So as I was enjoying my night alone, I decided to cook something to eat I was starved. I had some mushrooms and meat already cooked, just need to add some macaroni and I'm all set. In the middle of my cooking the worst things happened. The electricity got cut off. No, it's not because the electricity bill wasn't paid it's because it was raining all day and something went wrong. So I got out the candles and lit them all over the place.

Lucky me I heated the water before mixing it with the macaroni so the water was hot... So no big deal. It'll just take a longer time to cook. To my luck I fell asleep on the couch for 45 mins. When I woke up the electricity was still cut off and I ran to the kitchen to see the Macaroni. Let me tell you... It was the most disgusting thing ever. The macaroni were totally soggy and icky... It was like oat meal but it's macaroni. Ewww. Just remembering it makes my stomach all groggy.

I had no choice but to eat it because I was starved... So here I am having the most amazingly romantic dinner all by myself... 3 lit candles around me as it rained outside, it's freezing cold and the food was just awful.... What else can a girl ask for??? So I decided to entertain myself as I ate... I pretended that I've pain some magical food that give me power to control the world and hence it's disgusting eating it in the middle of 3 candles. Hahahaha. I was bored. No form of entertainment alone with no electricity. I know, I wacked...

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