Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I don't get it.

Here I am trying to live my life as peacefully as possible and then people want to be my hero and save me. Uhmmm. Who ever mentioned that I needed help to begin with?? I'm going through changes in my life and I'd love to just adjust to it instead of people trying to create something that doesn't even exist so I'll be comfortable. I can handle myself but for some reason some people don't believe that. They think I'm this poor little girl who always needs to run to somebody for help because I can't handle anything. I don't why people can't see that I'm strong enough. They lie to me, they keep things from me, they treat me like I'm a victim. I'm not needy... If I've ever gave the impression that I am, I guess it's all a misunderstanding of some things I'm trying to deal with on my own. If that makes any sense.

I'm not the average girl, I've dealt with a lot in my life. Yeah I'm 27 but I've experienced more than most Arab girls. I still get treated like I'm a baby. No offense to guys who have the need to be heros but, don't treat me like some poor little girl because that's one thing I'm not.

I just find it pretty interesting that other girls don't do this to me. They are just normal and don't have to prove anything to me but on the other hands, I have no idea why most guys treat me like this. Yes, I know I'm an open book but that's because I'm open, direct and I've got nothing to hide. I guess, they see this as a weakness. I feel it's great because people will truly see who am I if they actually stop searching for the meaning behind what they see. I am what you see.

I know it's a guy thing to want to be hero in general and I totally respect that but when it comes to them laying to me, keeping some truth from me and treating me like a baby, that I don't not accept what so ever. Just give it to me as it is.

My final word, ok some of the guys who might read thing might think I'm referring to them. I'm not to referring to anybody specific. I'm talking in general and that's because I've been dealing with his issue for a while now and just today, somebody from my past decided to drop me a line to be my hero again and he triggered some seriously annoying issues.

I don't mean to offend anybody and if anybody did, I'm sorry. I'm just being my honest and direct me. I'm just expressing my true self.

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