Saturday, September 24, 2005

Give me some energy, baby!!!

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Raise Your Energy Level
Adapted from Creative Visualization, by Ronald Shone (Inner Traditions, 1998).

Simple Solution
If you need more energy, or you are mildly depressed, this creative visualization will help: the author says he has found it to be most effective.

Work during the day can certainly deplete our energy. Some days seem more draining than others, and some begin with a low stock of energy because of a poor night’s sleep. One reason that we rest and sleep is so that we can restore the body’s energy. This visualization will also achieve a natural raising of your body’s energy level. Find out how:

While in a relaxed state, you imagine yourself lying on a bed with your eyes closed. A beam of sunlight comes down from the sun and envelops your whole body. You then rise up and pass along the beam of sunlight into the heart of the sun. (At this stage, imagine yourself naked.) When you reach the heart of the sun, you open up your arms and legs to make an X shape; this includes opening up your hands and fingers. You then simply imagine that you are absorbing into your body health-giving energy. Really feel the energy going into your body. (Your body may very well tingle during this creative visualization.) If you like, you can at this point add a series of suggestions. They can go something like this:

I can feel the energy from the sun passing into my body. Yes, my body is drawing energy from the sun--energy that my body needs, energy that will revitalize all my body, energy that will pass into every cell and every organ of my body. (Keep this up until you feel that your body has sufficient energy--a feeling that is not too difficult to recognize.)

When you feel fully energized, bring your arms and legs together, pass back down the sunbeam, and return to your lying position on the bed.

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Copyright: Adapted from Creative Visualization, by Ronald Shone (Inner Traditions, 1998). Copyright (c) 1998 by Ronald Shone. Reprinted by permission of Inner Traditions.

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