Sunday, May 29, 2005


For the past couple days I've been seriously irritated. Small things have been seriously getting to me. I have no idea why am I being so hyper sensitive. I won't babble about what bothered in the past couple of days because it's probably stupid anyways but I'll say what's bothering me at the momoent:

I went on Amr's blog few mins ago and I saw all sorts of pics of places in Syria that I didn't even know that existed. It made me feel soo ashamed that I'm Syrian but don't know as much as I would love to know about my own country. Yeah it's true I never grew up there and I've been there only in summers usually and everybody in the family is too lazy to do anything so we end up staying in Damascus when I am in Syria. Even Damascus, I don't know it well enough, but at least I know it better than other places in Syria. When I was there last winter, somebody showed me around old Damascus. It was an amazing experience. The company was great, the weather was freezing but I loved it, the place was great. I'm in love with Old Damascus.

But back to the original subject... Although I'm Syrian, born in Syria with a Syrian passport I don't feel that I am. I grew up in the UAE. I feel this place makes you loose your identity because it doesn't even have one. I guess it doesn't really help that I also lived in the US for 5 years and then Malaysia for 2.

I feel I need to learn more about Syria not by reading and looking at pics. I want to be there and just let it be a bigger part of me. I love Syria with all my heart and I do defend it with all I can. I just need to know her better.

Maybe I might as well, get a job there... I might actually if one project of mine actually takes off in Syria. Inshallah it will.

Pray for me, ya Sinan. You might be my only hope. :P

Viva La Syria
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Viva La Syria
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Baher said...

Don’t feel so bad, I’ve been living in Syria my whole life and yet I don’t know about it as some of the tourists here, guess I’ve spending 80% of my time behind computer screen.

Sinan said...

Yeah I agree with Diablo.. No big deal..
I am an old Damascus addict but still there is a lot of places there I don't know!!
You still have plenty to time to catch up and even then there is still a lot to discover and see... so cheer up :)

Ayman said...

Khalas next time you are in Syria we'll go for a tour around Old Damascus, and maybe Amr can take us on some hiking trip!

Stellar said...

Guys (Baher and Sinan), you are the sweetest... Thanks for the support...

You know what got me the most? It's the hiking trips. I was like dude, I never knew about this.

Thanks Ayman, u hit exactly what I felt I needed. That hiking trip sounds like something I'd LOVE. You know what though? It's not just old Damascus, I need to see. I've seen it but don't mind seeing again and again and again but I need to learn about all of Damascus. :D