Wednesday, May 25, 2005


I've been blogging for a a few months now. I've got to know interesting people by doing that. I remember when I first started. Only one person used to read my blog and that was Bytedodger and now I look at it, there is a lot more. The it grew to Bryan and Fatima. Bytedodeger introduced me to a great Syrian blog by Ayman and from there it all took off...

This is what I find very interesting. There are 2 girls that I got to know outside the blogging world (Juwaireyah and Nuralhuda). I got to meet them at the Sami Yusuf forum... One day I find out that these 2 girls have blogs. I never really paied attention to the other blogs they had on their site until one of them ask me if I heard of a blogger named Eman. I've also seen her around at Sinan's blog and I thought to myself what a coinsidence. Then I was checking Juwaireyah's blog and I saw Nurhan's blog. I said to myself that name looks familiar, I know I've seen here. Then again as it turns to be agaibst I see her on Sinan's blog.

I was thinking, that it's a small word after all... There are more that are connected into this via blogging, like Ghalia and Dina

I find all this pretty Ironic. :D Personally I'd say Sob7an Allah. I love these small stuff like that. :D

I really should create a link area to put blogs of other people. When I figure it all out, I'll do that... Anybody wants to help out?? :D I'll be greatful.


Hasan Bazerbashi said...

What a small world :)

I didn't understand if you need help of how to add a place for the friends' links or you just need our addresses :)

So, my name is Hasan and my address is:

And the way to add the links place:
Go to your Dashboard place --> Change settings --> Choose Template --> now just look where you want to add the Links .. for example under the comments about the profile (#End of profile) and enter the code (wihout the spaces in the tags):
< MainOrArchivePage >
< h2 class="sidebar-title">Friends' Blogs< /h2 >
< ul >
< li >< a href="">Hasan's Blog< /a >< /li >
< li >< a href="">Cocktail< /a >< /li >
< /ul >
< /MainOrArchivePage >

Then just save and republish.

Cya ;)

Stellar said...

Thanks Hasan... I got it all figured out nw and I added the other blogs, I check out. :D

Baher said...

YAY... you added my blog, thank you :P

# Juwaireyah # said...

Oh, you linked me, how sweet :)
Yeah, it IS a small world out there, and getting to know you through Sami's forum was one of the best things ever :)
I'd keep visiting to check your updates
Love you :))

Stellar said...

This is exactly what I meant on my other post.. I really love some of the people I got to meet online. :D

Baher, you are very welcome. I figured you're really nice to drop by often, so it's just my way to say thank you. :D

Juwaireyah, how could I not link you. :D You're one of my dear friends. :D

Ghalia said...


Stellar said...

You're very welcome, Ghalia. :D

Nader said...

It is a small bloggin sphere after all.
I met lots of nice people.


Dina said...

Sara, I totally agree with you, it it a small world after all...
Thanks for the great post... It would be lovely meeting you in person :)

Sinan said...

hey I've just checked your blog since the last week.. I am glad you linked me.. anyway part of blogging is building a network.. as much as you network grow as much as your readers will grow too ;)

# Juwaireyah # said...

Oh! Thank you deary :) that was so sweet :))
You know what? I stole two of your bloggin friends already!! Muahahahaha :D :D ;)
Ghalia and Nader, thanks for posting in my blog, I appreciate it :)

Rami said...

Lak where is Rami????
I understand your bias to your follow Damascenes, but Wallah Halabieh are also very nice people and deserve to be on your list!!!! :)

Stellar said...

No no no... I have nothing against Halabi people... By all means, I'm soooo sorry. :D I totally forgot about it... 7'alas I'll add it.. but please ma tiz3al minnee. :D

Stellar said...

Nader, I bet you met a lot of nice people, I got to know some really nice people but I still haven't met any of them in person... Inshallah, I'll get to meet a lot of them this summer.

Dina, you're very welcome. Thanks for liking the post. :D I just thought I'd comment on that because I really was thrilled that people knew people that knew people I know. Hahaha... It's great. Can't wait till I meet you in person as well. Inshallah this summer I'll come down to Syria.. :D

Sinan, you are right 100% and I'm glad to have you part of network. :) Inshallah, both our networks grow and we'll have more of interesting people around. :D

Juwaireyah, you stole 2 of my blogging friends?? Tsk tsk tsk... Hehehe.. it's all right... We can share friends. :P It'a called Networking as Sinan puts it. :D

Rami said...

I didn’t expect u to take my comment that seriously…

I am the one who should be sorry; I hadn’t made any comments on your blog before!!!
and this probably why you couldn’t remember me.
Of course you have nothing against Aleppines, and I am absolutely not za3lan (don’t be silly!!!)

Anyway, now that I am on your list of friends, I am waiting for someone to steal me…
Anybody??? 

Stellar said...

Hehehehe. I know you were joking. Honestly.. These are the kind of people that make my list, Rami.

1, People that already posted on my blog.

2, People that I posted on their blog (that was your case but seriously I forgot)

3, People I want them to post on my blog.

4, People that I want other people to see desperatly because something about what they're saying is wow...

OK, I just made that up, right now. Hahaha... I've been up all night trying to figure out what to do with my blog. So don't mind me being all goofy even though it's normal in my nature. :P

You know, hopefully Juwaireyah would steal you. :P She's awesome. Hahaha, She already stole Ghalia and Nader so why not you too. :P