Sunday, May 29, 2005

The Cheapest Way to Copyright your Intellectual Material.

For the longest time, I've been wanting to copyright my music and finally I got around to do it the cheapest way... Yeah, it is publish online already and I got proof it's mine but I still want to be on the safe side.

For all those who are interested how to copyright your Intellectual Material the cheapest way possible, follow these steps and after mailing it to yourself, it's copyrighted.

1) Put all the material on a CD..

2) Write down the content

3) Write your statement

4) Put everything together

5) Seal it and make sure it's wrapped safely so it wouldn't break.

6) Put it all in an envelop addressed to yourself.

Finally, mail it to yourself. Congrats, your material is copyrighted. Thumbs Up


Ghalia said...

Hahaha, it deserves trying.......good idea!

Stellar said...

It's a common way to copyright if you don't have the cash to register the material. It could be anything.

It can be an idea you want to register. You right it down on a paper and mail it to yourself.

It can be a story or even an invention etc... It's the simplest way to do it.

Baher said...

I never knew of that, thanks for the new info sara.

Rami said...

How can I copyright my blog ???
Should I mail my laptop to myself ?!!

Stellar said...

Diablo, You are very welcome. Of course once you get the material back, you can't open the package unless you need to prove that the material is yours. Ya3ni, in court.

Rami, I think and I'm guessing that a blog cannont be copyrighted unless you register it somehow. :P Hmmm... If you were mail your laptop to yourself, I think you'll never see your laptop. Hahaha... Unless you go through registered reliable mail. It's pretty pointless though. :P