Wednesday, September 08, 2010

What's next...

Reality hit me. Even though I do have enough money to spend on the magical trip I've been planning but, it might leave me broke afterward. So I decided to get me a job, it'll be a freelance job but it'll be fun because I'll have my own office and my own computer and I'll be working far away from distractions and it'll help me make more money before I do get to travel. Plus, I've decided to cut my travels short because I felt I can do much more than I expected here in Syria. I'll be taking classes at the masjid and maybe do some work for the masjid as well.

Plus, maybe I should also do try to get me a visa to the US and see people I'd love to meet up with. We'll see how all of this would go. I'm canceling out Cyprus and Malaysia most probably. I still am not too sure about Malaysia.

I'm still waiting till my parents come from the UAE and settle here in Syria. My dad wants to live at the coast and I cannot see myself moving 3 hours away from Damascus where my work and study will be and all the loved ones. They can live there but I'm not moving.

One thing I've done that I haven't done in ages is actually read a book and finish it. The best part is that I finished the whole book in 2 days. I simply couldn't let go of the book once I started. Farheen Khan's book, Behind the Veil is one of the most amazing reads. It was very inspirational. I think what helped me finishing the book is that she's one of my really close friends in Canada. Whatever it is, it help me break the bad habit of not reading. I really would love to read a whole lot more... I seriously need to get inspired and be more knowledgeable to be able to go on my next step of this path of awakening.

I want to change my life upside down. I want to be a much better person that I am. I want to be more positive. I want to be more inspired, and I want to inspire. I want to get healed and I want to heal. All that with the grace of Allah. Without Him nothing is possible. I just want to be at peace and spread out the vibe of peace around me.

Eid Mubarak to all...

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