Saturday, December 23, 2006

It's Been A While...

It has been a long while since I've written here... Well, may truth be told that I've been super busy. It's been about a month or so that I've been working at an Arabic version of Cartoon Network called SpaceToon. It's pretty fun and I'm loving it here. The best part about it is my boss. He is one of the most amazing human beings ever. I know said that about my previous boss but that's because I didn't know that they can be even better. I guess the fact that he's 4 year younger than me plays a major role in getting along well. Hehehehe... We're pretty much into the same sorta things like music, cartoons, food, activities etc... He's more of a friend than a boss. So that's always good because I usually try my best not to let my friends down.

Here's the ironic situation... Yes, I'm very happy with my current job and the pay is pretty good for a starter but believe it or not I got a much better job offer, or I should say better job all together. Currently, I'm an audio engineer only. While in the other company I'll be doing 2 things... I'll be the audio/voice over supervisor and I'll be a coordinator between the company I'll work for and an Islamic Channel in London... So it's a sweet deal because I'll be traveling and the pay is better. What more can I ask for? Yippie!!! Al hamdulillah (All praise to Allah)

I've worked so hard to get where I am today and where I'll be better off in 2 weeks or so with my new job...

Believe in yourself, work with determination and have faith in The Lord and God will never let you down, but might have some bumps in your journey to make you well rounded and stronger.

Just keep your intentions in check, for it's like child, you can't leave it for a second or it will be go all over the place.

Give me some more time, till I actually get settled in my new job and I'll get back to blogging more frequently.

love ya all, my readers... Thanks for all the support that I got from some of you... You know who you are... May you always be blessed with love and warmth from The Creator.

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