Sunday, July 09, 2006

A New Muslim...

When a devoted Muslim receives this kind of email, he/she will be beyond ecstatic and I mean beyond the believable.

Sobhan Allah, I met this lady who wrote me this email, as you see below, on Couch Surfing... She is traveling to Syria and neighboring countries to learn about Islam since she already started to learn for a while now and now wanted to check out Islamic countries. I had to help her out it every way possible. So I contacted her and after a few emails, some chatting on MSN messenger and answering a few questions of hers, I got this email, ElHamdullah (Thank God)

Well Sara ...

Something truly amazing happened to me today!

I said out loud the Shahada and really believed what I was saying!

Next week I start a new placement for 4 weeks ... do you believe this ... there is a Mosque on the same road as where I'm working ... that can't be a coincidence ... so I'm going to contact them and ask for their advice on what to do next (I'm not going to tell my family for the moment I've decided)!!!

I'm seriously happy for this lady and I can't wait till she comes to Syria to help her some more.

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