Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Bridging the Gap Through Children

Hello once again Syrians... I need a HUGE favor from any Syria that is willing to help. So here goes...

I've been told that there are a group of Danish people (A reporter, photographer, school teacher and a musician) are coming to Syria to learn about Syrian children culture.

These Danes are trying to create a program that can be taught in Danish schools. They want to have a CD of Arabic children's music and a book about Arab Children with pictures. This is used to bridge the gap between the two cultures. They want to show there is no difference between Arabs and the Westerners.

They are traveling all over the Middle East and now they are in Syria till Thursday night (July 13th)... They want to meet with families to get material for the book they're working on. Do you know of any families with young children that are willing to meet with them?

If you are interested or know anybody that can help or need to know more information you can email me at stellar101@gmail.com

Hope to hear from you guys soon...


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