Tuesday, April 25, 2006

2 Perverts and a Kitten.

I started my day by saying my goodbye to a new Egyptian friend I made in the past few days. She stayed over my place for 3 nights and it was fun having her around. It's a great change of pace in my life. I love hosting people who need a place to stay. I don't host other than girls so, sorry guys...

Anyways, so after that I had lunch at my aunt's place. I haven't seen her in a while and she invited me. As soon as I reached there I ate then rushed to work... Had a normal day at work doing some recording and then fixing some audio files here and there with a client. While I was sorting the files I hear a cat just screaming outside the studio... Me being the cat lover had to see what is going on.

I open the door and to my surprise I see the most adorable kitten. As soon as it noticed me, it ran to me. Of course nobody wanted me to let it in but it came anyways, then I got it out. To make a long story short, I decided to take the kitten till I can find it a proper place to stay. There was one problem and how am I going to take it home? There wasn't any box and I didn't have a car. So I just carried it and asked stores near by if they had a box I can put the cat in it. The first store didn't have a box, the cake shop did though.

One thing I didn't get is why on earth were the "men" weirded out why I wanted to take care of it and tell me how usually he kicks them. I'm thinking, "Does this guy think he's scoring brownie points with me being pathetically all macho?" As I was putting the kitten in the box and taping it shut, the guy was trying to ask me all sorts of personal questions about where I live and he hasn't seen me around and crap like that. I was like why? He even wanted to offer me free cake. I was like nope, I'm on a diet. I'm not really but I just didn't want anything from him. So I just rushed out and the kitten is SCREAMING!!

I was walking as fast as I can and hopefully, I'll find a cab to take me home ASAP. I found one finally but to my luck the guy is a serious pervert. Again this guy was asking me all sorts about me and telling about how cats mate. I'm praying, "GOD, make this ride end safely." The guy even reached backwards to calm the kitten down. I felt like I was ready to get raped. I was freaking out especially that he's telling about how cats mate. The he was asking some personal question about my marital status and he's telling me that he's single. As soon as he said that, my cell phone rings. I'm like YAY!!! It was my good friend and blogger Zena. She saved me from freaking out more than I already am... In one hand the kitten is screaming and the guy is hitting on me. BLAH... I just wanted to reach home.

I finally reached and after paying the guy, I jumped out of the cab. and rushed home. Then I settled the kitten in by putting it some food to eat and water to drink. I didn't have everything so I rushed to the pet store and got some sand put in the litter box and some proper cat food.

Now the cat is settled in for now. I'm just hoping I can find a place for it to stay for good. I can't keep it, my mom will kill me. Pray for me...

My conclusion for today is that, just when I think I started to understand men and think they can actually be wonderful some idiots throws me off completely... Sorry guys but the truth is that good guys are minorities. God bless them...

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