Saturday, October 01, 2005

Zodiac... A Syrian Rock Band.

Zodiac is a Syrian rock band founded back in 1997 by Anas Abdul Moumen, Maen Rajab and Anas Abu Kous. The band started playing popular cover songs but after their bass player Omar Harb joined in 1998, they then started to write there own material. Now they are in the process of recording there debut album with new singer Chadi Ali. The band now consists of Chadi Ali: Lead Vocalist, Hazem Al Ani: Pianist and Keyboardist, Anas Abdul Moumen: Guitarist, Maen Rajab: Guitarist, Omar Harb: Bassist, Nasser Hamdi: Drummer.

I personally have heard about Zodiac about a year ago but didn't get to see nor hear them till this summer. I have to admit, I didn't expect to be seriously impressed by their work. Their music is blend of nu metal and rock with a twist of Arabic influence. I was touched and proud to know that they are fellow Syrians. It has been 8 years since they started and they still are strong and firm and believe they can make it into the mainstream music worldwide. I believe they can because simply, they are amazing, new and something different from what's out there. I'll personally have to give a special thanks to Amr for inviting me to the show. I'll go see them again anytime.

You can download of one of Zodiac's songs "Ma Tgheebee" by Anas Abdul Moumen

Tell me what you guys think.

You can also check out their bassist, Omar Harb's website.

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