Tuesday, June 22, 2004

What a way to Start..

So here I am writing on here for the first time so I'm pretty excited. As soon as I finished registering and am getting ready to start. I decided to turn on my lights because it's getting dark and I personally don't like to be in the dark. I even have a night light when I go to bed. Anyways, back the original story... So I turn on the lights and sat on my desk to start on this when I saw the lights flickering, I heard the electricity and the worse thing is I saw sparks from the fuse box. I almost had a heart attack. It's just funny that my cats ran to see what the heck were those sparks. Thank Goodness the fuse box is high up where they can't reach it. Anyways, I just had a heart attack thinking that my place was going to burn down. I'm glad all is fine now though... What a way to start this blogger. :)

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